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The Class of 1968 Is Gearing Up for its 50-Year Reunion

April 13, 2018

room decorated with purple and white banners and ribbons
Asbury welcomes alumni from all class years during Reunion 2018 (June 21-24)

The year is 1968. Lyndon B. Johnson is president of the United States. The cost of a new home is $26,600. The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” film was recently released and, predictably, all the rage. The median household income is $7,743. The UCLA Bruins just dominated the NCAA Championship. A gallon of gas is a steal at $0.34 and the Sentinel Class was graduating from Asbury College.

The class of 1968 is gearing up for its 50th reunion this summer. Asburians in the Sentinel Class will arrive on campus 50 years post-graduation the weekend of June 21-24.

Partaking in several class activities during Reunion, Sentinel Class members will have plenty of opportunities and time for bonding, reconnecting and reminiscing on their days at Asbury and life afterwards. Class of ‘68ers will gather for a memorable dinner at the Wilmore Free Methodist Church on Thursday, June 21, as well as a dessert gathering that same evening and two lunches later in the weekend.

Tim Mowery ’68 is the Planning Committee Chair and has been working with his team to create an unforgettable experience for his class’ “golden year,” as he calls it. Above all, Mowery is excited to reconnect with friends, reminisce on Asbury memories and catch up on the last five decades.

Though the Sentinel Class has 238 graduating members, they are a very tight-knit class, according to Mowery.

“I know this is biased, but I really do think that our class has a closeness to it that a lot of the other graduating classes don’t,” Mowery said. “We just have a good time when we get together. We always have and this [Reunion] is a very special one.”

During his time at Asbury, Mowery was a secondary education major with a history emphasis. He spent many days sitting in Dr. Corbitt’s academically-rigorous courses where he learned a great amount that helped better prepare him for life beyond Asbury. After graduating, he enjoyed a 39-year teaching career, working first in Ohio before returning to the Lexington area.

Of all the lessons he learned at Asbury, one has carried Mowery throughout his years of teaching and his spiritual walk.

“In order to be successful as far as the occupation is concerned, you need to keep after it,” Mowery said. “The same would be true as far as the spiritual foundation. Stay with it. Be tireless.”

Sentinel Class President Dr. W. David Hager ‘68 is also excited to be reunited with his fellow classmates this summer. As class president, Hager has attended all but two of the Sentinel five-year reunions, as well as many other Asbury Reunions while serving for 19 years as a Board of Trustees member.

Hager urges Sentinel class members go to Reunion, not just to renew friendships but also to see how the University is impacting the current generation.

“I strongly recommend attending class reunions to catch up on old friendships, to rekindle relationships and to find out how the institution is growing and making a difference in the lives of young people in today’s society,” Hager said.

One of his favorite Asbury memories includes being handed his diploma by his father Dr. C.R. Hager ‘34, who served in various capacities over the years from a 30-year stint on the Board of Trustees to Alumni Board president to the VP of Academic Affairs, and he even stepped in as interim president several times.

Hager is also working as the Reunion Gift Chair. This year, the committee is fundraising to complete renovations on the Student Center.

Learn more about how you can give towards the Reunion Gift.

Whether you’re in the Sentinel Class or a member of another class, you’ll have a blast at this year’s Reunion. Join us on campus for a weekend of fun, worship and friendship.

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