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Imagine 2022 Update: Stated Tactics Underway

March 16, 2018

Student singing in chapelMarch 16, 2018

After posing the question “How does Asbury University most strategically advance its mission over the next five years?”, Asbury faculty, administrators and advisors developed “Imagine 2022: Asbury’s Vision for Faithful Change.” While this five-year plan was just recently implemented in the fall 2017 semester, its initiatives are already taking shape on campus.

The plan draws profoundly on the University’s Christ-centered, liberal arts curriculum, according to Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness Paul Stephens.

“Our Wesleyan, Liberal Arts heritage is front and center in our mission and in fulfilling that vision,” said Stephens. “That the plan speaks so heavily to that is very, very intentional. Our priority is to leverage our liberal arts tradition to the fullest, as well as equip our students to be culturally responsible, culturally humble individuals who approach today’s challenges and opportunities in the way of Jesus. The role the faculty play in advancing these outcomes can’t be understated and the plan, therefore, calls for considerable investment and intention in resourcing our faculty well. Critical to all of this is continuing to optimize the facilities and structures of the institution.”

Made up of six initiatives, the strategic priorities will strengthen Asbury’s commitment to academic excellence and spiritual vitality while creating positive change in key areas.

Initiative I: “Learn”

Advance Asbury University as a rigorous Christian liberal arts university that embraces opportunities and addresses emerging challenges in an increasingly complex and globally interdependent world.

Initiative II: “Believe”

Deepen identity as a vibrant community of Christian faith and whole-person transformation rooted in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.

Initiative III: “Embrace”

Cultivate a culturally responsible Christian community that practices hospitality, mutuality, redemptive social action and grace-filled reconciliation.

Initiative IV: “Explore”

Recruit, retain and develop outstanding teacher-scholars committed to academic achievement and student success.

Initiative V: “Innovate”

Create a culture of business innovation to meet the strategic demands of mission readiness, institutional sustainability and student affordability.

Initiative VI: “Deliver”

Pursue excellence in the development, implementation and management of systems, facilities and infrastructure.

Each initiative has its own set of tactics, which you can read more about here.

Of the stated tactics, 20 are already underway with 25 more scheduled to begin over the next 18 months. Here’s some of what’s been accomplished so far:

  • The Cornerstone Council, chaired by Rev. Greg Haseloff, is providing leadership in the continued improvement of spiritual formation activities, giving direction to spiritual vitality on campus.
  • The Student Intercultural Programs Board has been created and is led by Standia Civil ’18. Within Asbury Student Congress, it has begun work in developing new and enhancing existing student initiatives that promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of diverse populations.
  • The Intercultural Development and Assessment Committee (IDAC) is continuing work toward its stated mission of advancing intercultural hospitality in the classroom environment and encouraging faculty to craft culturally-infused curriculums.
  • The Liberal Arts Council, chaired by Dr. Dan Strait, is providing invigorated leadership in the pursuit of Liberal Arts excellence.
  • Dr. Tim Campbell, Asbury’s academic dean, is providing leadership in the formalization of an enhanced Faculty Development model.
  • There has been much advancement in meeting needs of identified systems and facilities, including a realized 89 percent achievement of the campaign goals of “Ignited: The Campaign for Asbury University.” Ignited funds student scholarships, the revitalization of the the Student Center and construction of the Collaborative Learning Center, faculty development, academic initiatives and much more.

Over the next year and a half, Imagine 2022 will be focused on further enhancement of programs, continuing to enhance operational systems and emphasizing Asbury’s mission to impact the world through Initiative I.

“We’ll be giving considerable attention to the online experience, both the student experience as well as the online facility,” said Stephens. “There will be significant work within Initiative I. Our commitment is to engage civil discourse and create space for productive conversations while helping students grapple with societal challenges through the Christian worldview, as well as applying our liberal arts ethos to developing students who are ready to engage culture. That’s both a scheduled activity and a pressing global need, as we all know, so we’re looking forward to that in the next 18 months.

“We can’t wait to see how these initiatives continue to be implemented within the next few years with God’s leading. Join us in praying for the development and progress of Imagine 2022 at Asbury.”

To read the Strategic Priorities in their entirety and learn more about Imagine 2022, visit: