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Students in an Adventure Leadership class show one of two piles of material they removed from a local wooded area with hiking trails.WILMORE, Ky. — A class assignment for Asbury University’s Adventure Leadership students turned into a significant community service effort as the students hauled hundreds of pounds of trash from a wooded area used by campus and community alike.

The students had been challenged to build shelters for themselves, using only materials available in the woods, as part of a class in outdoor living skills. In the process of building the shelters, the class kept finding junk ranging from litter to abandoned appliances that had evidently been dumped on the property decades ago.

Over the course of two days, the students contributed more than 200 total hours of labor to bagging, dragging and piling the trash for removal by the University’s Physical Plant. While their efforts were applauded by community members using the walking trails through the property, the internal satisfaction of restoring the landscape was a powerful motivation, as well.

“A lot of this area is a watershed, so even though the work we did isn’t visible, it still has an impact,” said sophomore Neil Flanigan.

Adventure Leadership is an emphasis within the Recreation major at Asbury that is specially designed to combine theory and practice in wilderness settings. Find out more here.