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By Heidi Heater, a junior from Jackson, Ky.


WILMORE, KY— Lights. Camera. Action. Summer school. Asbury College media students spent May 16-June 15 acting and filming to produce the feature film thriller, “ABeautiful Lie,” and earned class credit. “A Beautiful Lie,” written by junior Deona Bethart from Wilmore, Ky., is scheduled to premiere this fall. The film involves Maya who struggles to discover the truth about her life and escape the lie in which she has been living. Despite many twists and turns, Maya perseveres because she believes the ugly truth is better than a lie, no matter how beautiful. The crew is primarily composed of Asbury College students in the Film Production and the Acting for Film classes. As a part of this project, students have the opportunity to act, operate cameras and work with lighting and audio.“Through this project, I want to give students a hands-on practical experience to let them know what it takes to put a professionally produced feature film together,” said Dr. James Owens, professor and chair of the communication arts department. “I want students to understand the film production process.”


Media communications major Jeff Giblin ’09 from Waxhaw, N.C., said as the chief lighting technician, he not only learned about lighting, but also about director-actor relationships, scene set-ups and script-rewrites. “For the past three weeks, I’ve been working on a real feature-length film, which is an experience no average class can teach you,” he said. “I have learned so much about lighting set-ups for film. Even when my job is done for the current scene, I can still learn by watching other people do their jobs and watching the scene as it is filmed.”In their 12-hour work days, the crew filmed about 3-4 scenes per day. “One thing we’ve all gone through has been really long days,” Matt Giblin ’09 said. “I’m still enjoying it. I feel confident that I will still enjoy myself on the field getting paid, and that I could do this for a career.”

film3.jpgThis year, Asbury College filmmakers had the opportunity to work with a new high definition TV Panasonic film camera and experiment with a surround sound microphone system from Holophone. “To our knowledge, this is the highest quality camera in Kentucky,” Owens said. Asbury College built a relationship with these companies because of the College’s partnership with the Olympic broadcast division.