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WILMORE, KY—Asbury College would like to congratulate the 2007 Highbridge Film Festival winners. The third annual film festival, held April 28, drew more than 1,000 patrons.

filmwinners07.jpgThe following Asbury College students walked away with top honors:

Best Drama
Fire — Directed by Whitman Bussey ’08

Best Comedy
I Love Lacey — Directed by Chris Lawson ’07 and Graham Richardson ’09

Best Screenplay
I Love Lacey — Written by Chris Lawson ’07

Best Cinematography
Favor — Directed by Tyler Hisel ’08

Best Audio
Favor — Directed by Tyler Hisel ’08

Best Editing
Favor — Directed by Tyler Hisel ’08

Best Original Musical Score
Fire — Composed by Whitman Bussey ’08

Best Super Short
Forgotten — Directed by Chris Lawson ’07 and Whitman Bussey ’08

Audience Choice Award
I Love Lacey — Directed by Chris Lawson ’07 and Graham Richardson ’09

Winners of the Best of Show category in the high school division were Daniel Tyler of Bardstown, Ky., and Molly Hoy and Elisa Platillero of Knoxville, Tenn. The students each won a $1000 scholarship to Asbury College.

All winners received the Highbridge Film Festival Award and will have their films screened at the Ichthus music festival stage in front of as many as 20,000 people.

This year’s Hollywood judges were Andy Merrill and Kristin Ross.

Merrill is a producer and writer for the Cartoon Channel. He is one of the creators of “Space Ghost: Coast to Coast” and is “Brak” from “The Brak Show” on the Cartoon Channel. Merrill has also written a number of comic books for DC Comics including “Superman and Space Ghost.” Merrill is a 1990 graduate of the media communication major at Asbury College.

Kristin Ross is the manager of feature films at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles. The short film she directed, “Midnight Clear,” premiered last year at the David O. Selznick theatre at 20th Century Fox and was screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival. One of her first production jobs was as an assistant to Stephen Spielberg. Ross has worked as a set assistant, editor and director on feature films including The Imposter and Don’t Say a Word. She has also appeared in numerous television shows including “ER” and regular appearances on “Friends.” Ross is a 1997 graduate of Asbury College’s media communication program.