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WILMORE, KY—In February, the Asbury Collegian student newspaper walked away with numerous awards and recognitions from the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association at their annual conference.

The spring and fall 2005 staffs received a total of 45 awards including first place in overall layout. In this category, judges analyze all aspects of the paper from writing and photos to design, content and typography. The spring and fall staffs tied for first place.

Judges Kathy Freeze from the Akron Beacon-Journal and Mike Johansen from the Press-Dispatch in Petersburg, Ind., said, “These entries shoot for higher goals. They take more changes, and frequently, they pay off. The pages are lively without being cluttered. Good attention to detail. Easy to read.”

Asbury College competes with all Kentucky colleges and universities with 5,000 or fewer students. Students submit writing, photography, layout, advertising and Web site samples to be judged by acting professionals in the journalism and advertising industry.

Executive editor Lisa Aurand, a senior journalism major from Powell, Ohio, credited their success at this year’s KIPA conference to an experienced staff that has been willing to “learn and take risks.”

Managing editor Christy Lee, a senior journalism major from Winston-Salem, N.C., said, “What made our staff stand out is their dedication to stay focused. They are willing to try new things, ask questions and they want to do well. They are determined to strive for excellence.”

The following students received recognition at this year’s KIPA conference:

Asbury College staff

  • Best editorial: first. “Censored dancing offers positive twist to current policy”
  • Best overall layout: fall and spring staffs, tie-first.

Lisa Aurand

  • Best news headline: honorable mention. “PR office decides on ‘Change’ in ad strategy”
  • Best house ad: honorable mention.

Derek Blyer

  • Sports game story: first. “Delong delivers offense, Eagles open season with 2-0 shutout”
  • Sports news story: second. “Harper resigns after 20th season”
  • Best sports column: third. “Let the best teams keep playing”
  • Best sports headline: honorable mention. “Eagles get clipped in Zweifel finals”

Brandon Buell

  • Best sports column: first. “Maris still rules as king”

Kenny Chapman

  • Best editorial cartoon: first.

Brooke Collins

  • Continuing news: first.
  • Sports feature story: first. “Touche! Asburians fence at the Luce”
  • Front page layout: first.
  • Best news headline: second. “Asbury opens the wardrobe”
  • Best news headline: third. “Bridging the gap: Film studies offered in L.A. and Asbury”
  • Best original illustration: third. “Violence and video games”
  • Investigative reports: honorable mention.

Thomas Crescenzo

  • Best feature photo: second. “MLK Day”

Kim James

  • Feature page layout: first.

Noelle Kelly

  • Best house ad: first.
  • Best opinion pages: third.
  • Feature page layout: third.

Christy Lee

  • Advertising copy: first. “Will Pay for Pickup”
  • Advertising design: first.
  • Best sports headline: second. “Three’s the charm – Spann brothers Travis, Benjamin and Mike continue family tradition of on-the-court place and off-the-court friendship”
  • Advertising copy: second. “Sports Writers Wanted”

Josiah Littrell

  • Best feature story: third. “On the air in 3…2…1…”

Christina Murphy

  • Sports page layout: second.
  • Best sports headline: third. “AC makes waves over break”

Ruth O’Neal

  • Best news photo: third. “Flu shot”

Ben Peracchio

  • Best review: third. “Clooney creates 50s newsroom in film about Murrow”

Sarah Seaton

  • Front page layout: third.

Matt Tidman

  • Best review: first. “Fourth movie a winner, even with slight problems”

Stacey White

  • Personality profile: first. “Contentment, not perfect job, brings happiness”
  • Best feature story: honorable mention. “From every corner of the globe”

Joe Wiley

  • Sports game story: third. “Women’s soccer off to strong 5-1 start”

Group project awards include:

Derek Blyer and Christy Lee

  • Sports page layout: first.

Natalie Chandler and Colin Reed

  • Best original illustration: second. “Santa Claus”

Shannon Elder and Christy Lee

  • Advertising design: third.

Kim James and Christy Lee

  • Information graphic: first. “Origami”

Noelle Kelly and Lisa Aurand

  • Best house ad: second.
  • Information graphic: third. “Crazy 4 You”

Christy Lee and Nikia Kleiner

  • Feature page layout: honorable mention.

Christy Lee and Stacey White

  • Information graphic: second. “Mandarin”

Ben Wilson and James Donaldson

  • Continuing news: second.