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Meet the Expert: Dr. Duk Lee

August 2, 2015 — When Asbury University alumni return to campus for Reunion, one of the things they say goes something like, “When I came to class, I knew I wasn’t just another student to my professor. He knew me, he challenged me, and I’m better at what I do now because he knew what he was talking about.” In an ongoing web series this fall, Asbury will feature just a few of the faculty at Asbury who are making a difference in both their subject areas and their classrooms.

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Meet the Expert: Emily Walsh ’98

August 1, 2015 — Management and accounting are disciplines often associated with corporate culture and secular values. Asbury University Assistant Professor Emily Walsh’s perspective on these subjects is both deeply spiritual and universally practical.

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Asbury Origami: A Tutorial

August 1, 2015 — For Asbury University Math Professor Duk Lee, origami is both art and science, an exercise in patience and a celebration of beauty (see related article in the Summer 2012 issue of the Ambassador magazine). To try your hand at origami, choose one of the paths below.

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Meet the Expert: Barry Blair

August 1, 2015 — Asbury University Assistant Professor Barry Blair is a good listener... a very, very good listener. “A lot of it is having nice equipment,” he said, looking around the fully equipped audio suite in Asbury’s new, $12.6-million, state-of-the-art Miller Center for Communication Arts. “But there’s still a lot that depends on practice and having a good ear. Blair is developing both in a group of students engaged in Asbury’s newest undergraduate Communication Arts emphasis, Audio Production.

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Meet the Expert: Dr. Kevin Anderson

August 1, 2015 — From the beginning of his professional academic career, Dr. Kevin Anderson, an associate professor in Asbury University’s Christian Studies and Philosophy Department, has balanced intellectual inquiry with a sensitive awareness of his students’ personal experiences concerning the Biblical concepts on which he teaches.