Master of Arts: Digital Storytelling

Thank you for visiting our Masters of Communication: Digital Storytelling website. We are excited about this new program and would be delighted for you to join us.

What is Digital Storytelling? Digital Storytelling is practiced when oral traditions are integrated with multiple media. Producers of such messages are limited only by their imaginations as they seek to communicate their message.

Why Digital Storytelling? The concept of story is known to be very potent when carefully created and applied to business, ministry, journalism, and other situations. As a producer of stories you want to influence, inspire, inform, engage, and move audiences. American literary scholar, Jonathan Gottschall, claims we are “the Storytelling Animal.” That’s because we storify everything around us: our adventures, sorrows, conflicts, dreams, and failures. Story, as a tool, works well in most contexts because everyone loves a good story. That’s why it is often used to influence social behavior and draw people together.

Why Asbury University’s Digital Storytelling Program? The Digital Storytelling program is not about just producing stories. We teach students how to make stories compelling, mesmerizing, and memorable. Students learn to make their stories stick in the audiences’ mind and find ways to cause their ideas to spread like a virus.

Some of you coming to this site have no media background; others of you have a media background. Regardless of your previous experience, the Digital Storytelling Program has a program of study you can follow.

On this website you will find more information about our program along with major sheets, course descriptions, and a link to the application form: If you have any questions, please send a message to We’ll respond back to you within a reasonable time.

As you consider your dreams and the direction of your future, we wish you the best.