Musical Theatre

A musical theatre emphasis is geared more for those who are interested in combining music, songs, spoke dialogue, and dance all on one stage. The students in this emphasis are given the opportunity to participate in the musicals that are put on campus along with some in the community. This program offers the training, resources, and experiences to prepare students for a variety of careers in music, theatre, and related fields.


Courses offered:
MTH 111 Written Theory I
MTH 112 Written Theory II
MTH 121 Sight Singing/Aural Training I
MTH 122 Sight Singing/Aural Train II
VOC 211 Private Voice Lessons
VOC 300 Opera Workshop
Ensembles (2 credit limit)
MHL 251 History and Lit of Music I
MHL 252 History and Lit of Music II
MHL 356 Opera and Musical Theatre
PNO 151 Beginning Functional Piano
PNO 152 Elementary Functional Piano
THA 272 Acting for the Camera

Course Catalog
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