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Alumni Awards Channel

Since 1946 the Asbury University Alumni Association has recognized outstanding alumni with the “A” Award. Beginning in 2000, a Young Alum Award was added.

2011 Alumni Awards – William (’96) and Heidi Raass (’97) Spencer

William and Heidi Spencer received this year’s Distinguished Young Alum Award for demonstrating outstanding grace and service to the U.S. armed forces and families with special needs children.

2011 Alumni Awards – Robert B. Hayes (’51)

Dr. Robert B. Hayes ‘51 received the A Award for his lifelong commitment to excellence in higher education.

2011 Alumni Awards – George Waldon Garriss III (’81)

Dr. George Waldon Garriss III ‘81 received the A Award for his commitment to the craft of teaching and excellence in the fields of science, ministry and medicine.

2011 Alumni Awards – Arnold Baker (’51)

Arnold Baker ’51 received the A Award for his faithful witness and accomplishments in the film industry.

2010 Alumni Awards - David Spring ('95)

Young Alum Award recipient David Spring ’95 is impacting art and culture through the Doorpost Film Project.

2010 Alumni Awards - Dan ('75) & Martha ('76) Hutchens

State Department veterans Dan ’75 and Martha Faber ’76 Hutchens received the A Award for their work in education and foreign policy.

2010 Alumni Awards - Grant Nealis ('55)

Grant Nealis ’55 received the A Award for his work in missions and heart for education for more than 50 years.

2010 Alumni Awards - Sharon Folkart ('60)

Sharon Wilhelm ’60 Ranalli Folkart received the A Award for her dedicated ministry to Ecuador and the Quichua people.