Tripp Crosby to Emcee Reunion Weekend Variety Show

Comic emcee Tripp Crosby ’01 will bring his mixture of laughter and personality to Asbury University during Reunion Weekend June 24-26.

Slated to host Saturday evening’s variety show, Crosby is the founder of Green Tricycle Studios in Atlanta, Ga., where he works as an award-winning commercial, music video and sketch comedy director. Today, Crosby spends much of his time traveling, but while home in Atlanta, he studies improv at Whole World Theater and serves as a men’s recovery group leader at the Atlanta Mission.

Tripp Crosby '01
Tripp Crosby '01

Crosby says his comedy is informed by his faith, and he believes that God calls His followers to be joyful.

“I've spent my entire life in circles of people that take life too seriously,” he said. “In my opinion, it's one of the greatest mistakes that the church continues to make. It's one of the greatest mistakes I continue to make. I believe that we should be the most joyful people on earth, and to do this we have to be willing to take a step back and laugh.

“It's not like we'll ever forget our problems, our anxieties, or our theological positions. These things get all the hype in our brain, and they are important. But, I find that if we can force ourselves to remember the big picture, then we can find joy in everything. In fact, we can laugh about most of it. That's what comedy is for me — a tool to remember the big picture, and a reminder that my issues aren't all that important.”

Crosby is looking forward to sharing with fellow alumni as they remember their favorite experiences from Asbury.

“I’m not sure I should share my favorite memories from Asbury, since most of them involved activities that wouldn’t be encouraged by the student handbook,” Crosby joked. “But I’ll never forget the time Dr. McKinley called me to his office after a test. I thought I was in trouble, but he really just wanted to know if there was anything he could pray about for me.”

Crosby’s college experiences have had a lasting effect on his life.

“Diversity is what I experienced at Asbury,” he said. “During my freshman year, I was absolutely blown away by how different my friends were from me. They were from different states, countries and denominations. My mind was opened to so many new ways of thinking. All of the challenging perspectives from my friends and my professors, plus a liberal arts education, really set me up well to think outside the lines later in life.”

Though he has been back to campus a few times since his own graduation, Crosby hopes this experience will be refreshing for him as well as hundreds of other alumni.

“This reunion is an opportunity for me to reconnect with one of my most formative seasons of life,” he said. “I’m a very ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of guy, and it’s easy for me to just move a million miles an hour and leave my past behind. I never want to do that with my four years at Asbury. I want to remember them, reflect on them and relive them as much as possible. My goal at the event is to help everyone further appreciate his or her experiences at Asbury University.”

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