Graduate Admissions FAQs – Asbury University
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Graduate Admissions FAQs

▾ Where do I find my Student ID number?

Students can find their 6-digit Student ID number by logging into the Student Portal at

▾ When will I get my financial aid stipend (refund)?

Asbury University works hard to disperse financial aid stipends to students as soon as possible.  Typically, a student who is eligible for a stipend can expect to receive it 4-6 weeks after the official drop/add deadline for a given semester.  Though students may expect a stipend, they should make plans to begin the semester without relying on the stipend.

▾ Should I register for all of my courses at one time?

Yes.  Students must register for all courses they plan to take in a given semester prior to the official drop/add deadline for that semester.  After the drop/add deadline, students will be unable to make changes to their schedule.

▾ Should I order all of my books at one time?

It is recommended that students order all of their books for the semester at one time.  It is important that students begin each course with the required textbooks/materials in hand.

▾ How can I view my student account?

Students can view their student account in the Student Portal (

▾ How many credits are full-time and do I have to be a full-time student?

Full-Time 9 or more credit hours in a semester
Half-Time 5-8 credit hours in a semester
Less-than Half-Time Fewer than 5 credit hours in a semester

▾ Are the LIVE web-conferencing sessions required?

It is strongly recommended that students attend all LIVE web-conferences offered in a course.  Please check your syllabus in each course to see what requirements are related to the LIVE sessions.  The LIVE sessions are NOT required for most courses.  Faculty record LIVE sessions and provide a link to view the recordings for those students who are unable to attend due to work/family obligations.