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Education Emphases

English/Communications Education Middle School

Emphasis within Middle School Grades 5-9 Major

Young minds are incredible in what they can take in, manipulate and store for the future. In Middle School English and Communications, you’ll be able to help each new learner develop a supportive and productive educational path. You’ll learn strategies, techniques, and teaching methods to help students grow in the core concepts of English and Communications. For those that love to shape young minds, this is a great way to prepare for teaching and mentoring within the Middle School Grades 5-9 population.

Learning & Behavior Disorders Certification (LBD)

Emphasis within Elementary School Grades P-5 Major, dual certification with Education Majors

The Learning and Behavior Disorders Certification provides candidates with the tools needed to work with students who have special needs. Through a strong academic Clinical-Based Preparation program, the candidates receive a solid foundation in education training that will prepare them to design effective instruction, assess student learning, analyze the work of learners, diagnose progress, and prescribe for student success. Specific and intentional clinical experiences are embedded throughout the program allowing candidates multiple opportunities to work with students in a classroom setting. This is a dual certification program. Candidates will also complete another certification program during their studies.

Other Emphases

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
    within Elementary School Grades P-5 Major
  • Liberal Arts/Interdisciplinary
    within Elementary School Grades P-5 Major
  • Mathematics
    within Elementary School Grades P-5 Major and Middle School Grades 5-9 Major
  • Pre-Education Elementary
    within Pre-Education Minor (Associate of Arts)
  • Pre-Education P-12 and Middle/Secondary
    within Pre-Education Minor (Associate of Arts)
  • Science Middle School
    within Middle School Grades 5-9 Major
  • Social Studies Middle School
    within Middle School Grades 5-9 Major