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Micro-credentials at Asbury University

Introducing Micro-credentials and Digital Badges

Introducing Micro-credentials and Digital Badges

Do you love learning new skills?
Do you need upskilling in your career?
Do you need to update your resume?

eAsbury is your source for Digital Badges!

Asbury’s digital badges are short micro courses conveniently offered entirely online. For most people, each badge will take about 3-5 hours of work.

eAsbury badges are non-credit bearing and won’t lead towards a degree, but they are stackable to earn a micro-credential and help elevate your career and knowledge base.

On completion of any badge, you can share it on LinkedIn or other sharable platforms to highlight your skillset. Employers can verify your skillset with the badge metadata.

Discover more about Digital Badges!

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges are short, online learning experiences in specific areas of study that help advance career qualifications and highlight educational achievements, knowledge, and skills. Badges are easy to share with employers and colleagues virtually on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Badges often give more information to potential employers than a transcript because they show the commitment that adult learners and badge earners give to lifelong learning including ongoing professional development.

They also provide asynchronous learning opportunities that offer upskilling that is completely online and customizable. Learners can choose the skills area that they are interested in and can stack badges that focus on their area of interest. Badges are standalone learning experiences and can be taken individually to focus on singular skills and competencies, or they can be stacked with each other to create skillsets and ultimately micro-credentials.

Digital badges with eAsbury focus on up-skilling, competency and verifying skills in order to prepare for future success. Often, learning a new skillset through a micro-credential or badge can lead to a career change, higher salary, or even a new degree path. Digital badges are not credit-bearing and do not lead to academic credits or degrees.

Asbury is committed to providing learners with quality micro-courses and useful tools to support educational goals. We are pleased to partner with Credly to provide a recognized digital badging system. You can feel confident in the authenticity of our eAsbury digital badges and can share with your social network, and future employers, your updated skills and achievements.

Why should I take a Digital Badge?

eAsbury offers short courses that can lead to a micro-credential in a specific skillset or topic. Often learners may just want to upskill in order to enhance a resume for a career change or when considering a degree. Digital badges at eAsbury are a great place to start your up-skilling journey!

Digital badges can help you:

  • Prepare for a career change
  • Refresh your skills before a degree
  • Enhance your resume
  • Expand your knowledge

What is the Difference Between a Digital Badge and a Micro-Credential?

Micro-Credentials are a short and flexible form of online learning focused on developing learner skills and knowledge. These are completely online and offered in short and compact online courses. Individual badges and their competency skills can be stacked together to create a larger set of skills generally called a Micro-Credential.

Beginning in November 2023, eAsbury will begin offering digital badges in topics focusing on instructional design and multi-media skill sets. These technology focused skillsets are highly sought after in our tech-driven economy and can lead learners towards career upskilling as well as an introduction to a degree path or career change.

Our first micro-credential in Instructional Design can be obtained by taking all 20 Badges in this first stackable series for the micro-credential for Instructional Design, Multimedia, and Digital Design.

See the first micro-credential Badges. Watch our page for information for more topics and skillsets coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

▾ How long will it take to complete a badge?

For most people, each badge will take about 3-5 hours of work.

▾ How much does a badge cost?

Each badge costs $125.

▾ How many badges can I take?

eAsbury offers several digital badges. Learners can take as many digital badges as they want and in any order that they want.

▾ Can I stack all of the badges in a micro-credential?

Badges are stackable and can build upon each other. The first set of 20 badges in Instructional Design skills can be taken to earn the micro-credential in Instructional Design, a highly sought skill set in the 21st Century workforce.

Learn more about the micro-credential: Instructional Design

▾ Who can I reach out to if I have questions about earning my digital badge?

Contact Lisa Jones with questions.

▾ How will I receive my digital badge?

Our badges are issued by Credly and created by highly experienced Asbury faculty. Upon completion of your digital badge, you will receive an email with more information regarding how to share it electronically with others via email or social media networks, and how to display it on resumes, email signatures, job boards, or anywhere across the web.

▾ How will I display my digital badges?

With the help of Credly, eAsbury will provide you with a digital version of your credentials.

▾ Which badge should I take first?

The recommended badge to start your journey with micro-credential badges is History of Instructional Design.

List of Micro-credential Badges in Instructional Design:

  • History of Instructional Design
  • Learning Sciences in Instructional Design
  • Instructional Designer’s Toolkit
  • Instructional Design Models I
  • Instructional Design Models II
  • Designing the Digital Space
  • The Digital Space
  • Online Communications Skills for Asynchronous Learning
  • Online Communication Skills for Synchronous Learning
  • Multimedia Skills: Website Design
  • Multimedia Skills: Editorial Design
  • Design Elements for LXD
  • Multimedia Skills: Visual Storytelling
  • Multimedia Skills: Resume Design
  • Multimedia Skills: Basic Technology for Instructional Design
  • Multimedia Skills: Digital Illustration
  • Multimedia Skills: Designing with Photographs
  • Multimedia Skills: Page layouts for LXD: Learning Experience Design Method
  • Emerging Technology in the Workplace: Future of Work
  • Next Level Tech for Instructional Design

Learn more about micro-credentials at Asbury University