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Student life in Asia during the study abroad semester is a rich and diverse experience. You will be traveling through Asia with your friends and faculty members, stopping in many different locations. Though you will still be attending class, the curriculum is designed to permit you to learn and explore outside of class. So, along with all of the adventuring you will do as curriculum, you and your classmates get to decide when school lets out.

There is always something to do in China. Whether it is making new friends, exploring Xi’an and Beijing, hiking the Great Wall, visiting the Xining Mosque in Muslim China or the Forbidden city in Beijing, practicing English and Chinese at the English Corner, or just relaxing in every-day life, academics and life are structured around making the most of your semester abroad.

Since you will be in China in the Fall, you will get to enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival. Stroll the night markets in early October with the red lantern-lit streets, all while enjoying traditional mooncakes. On October 1st, you can see the dedicated patriotism of China’s national holiday. Feeling romantic? Enjoy Chinese Valentine’s day in all of its Fall sweetness.  You will get to experience an abundance of holidays, first-hand!

On most nights, you and your classmates can decide whether you want to try the street food in Xi’an or try Huǒguō, “hot pot”, for the first time. You can join a Tai Chi club in the park or just explore the city where you live.

If you need a study break, you can easily find a coffee shop or beautiful park to sit and think or socialize for a bit. If you need to, bring your journal or postcards to write out thoughts and soak in the culture around you. 

If you are feeling homesick, you can easily make a quick skype call home or find a coffee shop that will let you sip your homesickness away. If that doesn’t cut it, you can stop by a restaurant and try a Chinese take on a hamburger or pizza. 

Just before returning home, you will get the chance to re-enter the West through the eyes of the East. The East meets the West in the former British Colony of Hong Kong! Here you will experience one of the most forward-thinking, industrious, and expensive cities in the world.

For a list of staff in China, visit the Faculty & Staff page.