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China! Words will always fall short in describing this vast, diverse, modern, ancient, artful, and mystical country. There is so much left to be discovered about this culturally rich and vibrant land.

If you are ready to discover, come to China!

As a student in the China Study Abroad program, you will have the unique opportunity to be immersed in a completely new culture. There are so many places to see, foods to try, and people to meet. Every region you visit will have something new to offer! Whether you like ancient history, rich language, modern cities, beautiful art, pottery, imperial palaces, botanical gardens, or exotic food, China has it in spades.

China is a country and culture deeply rooted in history. Through a language that is one of the oldest written languages in the world (1250 BC), art, and traditions, China has preserved its past, a past that you will get to study and tour. You will experience how the history of China is deeply imbedded in the present. Through exploring the Forbidden City or the Temple of Heaven or the Clay Warriors, studying the language, or taking part in traditions older than the discovery of America, China offers a history that is unfathomable to most.

So, for all of you who are full of curiosity, ready to adventure, and eager to explore, what are you waiting for? China is ready and waiting!