What I Learned This Summer: Confidence and Experience

From summer ministry opportunities to teaching graphic design in Peru, Asbury students have a knack for making the most of the summer months. Below is a short Q&A with one of the many students who is making an impact around the world right now. Senior Lucy Allen has spent the summer acting in “Unto These Hills,” a professional theater production.

Lucy Allen '14
Lucy Allen '14

Q: Describe “Unto These Hills.”
A: The production is in Cherokee, N.C., and it's an outdoor theatre production recounting the history of the Cherokee throughout the years. It runs through August 17. I'm playing the role of Molly, a feisty woman who doesn't take any trouble from anyone.

Q: What have you learned?
A: This is my first professional production, which I am thrilled about. It’s a great way to begin to see what it's like to perform professionally and to do the same show over repeatedly for an extended period of time. Also, there is a lot of stage combat and dance in the show, so we went through a "boot camp" before the show went up to prepare, physically, for our roles. I got some good physical training through the experience.

Q: How has Asbury prepared you for this opportunity?
A: All the acting and theatre courses I have taken so far and the opportunities I have had to perform have prepared me for this opportunity. I have gained confidence in my abilities, become more intentional and persistent in pursuit of my career, and learned how to present myself to potential employers in a way that fits what they are looking for. I truly believe that one of the huge benefits of being at a small school and studying theatre is that we have so many opportunities to perform. One of the best ways for actors to learn is to perform. All the opportunities I've had to perform have taught me so much.

Q: What are some favorite roles you’ve played so far, and what are you itching to try next?
A: Some of my favorite roles to play so far have been Ti Moune in “Once on this Island,” Millie in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” in our Sophomore Musical last year, and Lenny in “Crimes of the Heart.” All of these roles stretched me as an actress and took me to new depths of character development. Two roles that I am absolutely dying to play are Lucy (ironically) in “Jekyll and Hyde” and The Baker's Wife in “Into the Woods.” The role of Lucy is tragically beautiful, and the music is incredible. The Baker's Wife is a role that has a great deal of conflicting interest that I would love to tackle. I also love Sondheim's music (the composer of “Into the Woods”).

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