Student Finds New Challenge for New Year

For a political science major with aspirations for law school, the internship Asbury University senior Hannah Cummings will begin in January is a match made in heaven.

Cummings was selected from a pool of applicants from different universities in Kentucky as a government relations intern for the Kentucky School Board Association, an education advocacy group. Throughout the upcoming legislative session, she’ll attend General Assembly meetings in Frankfort and take note of news and policies that relates to education, communicating relevant information with school boards across the state.

Senior Hannah Cummings will intern in Frankfort during the spring semester.
Senior Hannah Cummings will intern in Frankfort during the spring semester.

Until recently, Cummings was a political science and journalism double major — she dropped the journalism major to better prepare for law school — but the interdisciplinary skills she developed along the way continue to prove useful.

“I went to Washington, D.C., for a semester as a reporting intern,” she said, “so everything the association said they wanted in an intern, I had done — some interest in law, with a background in writing and experience in public policy.”

Cummings will continue to live on campus and take classes in the spring semester, commuting to Frankfort a few days each week for the internship. She is excited for the opportunities to make connections with others in her field and ready to take on the challenge of “learning how to inform the politicians of what they need to know and make sure they listen and take note of it.”

“I really love state capitols,” she said. “I love the hustle and bustle, and it’s different than any other type of city because so many people are focused on the politics. I’m also interested in educational policy and education in general, and the chance to be involved in that process. I’m eager to talk to legislators and find out what they’re doing to help education in Kentucky.”

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