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Tumbling Team


The Asbury University Tumbling Team is an outreach children’s ministry team. Our unique ministry uses a combination of gymnastics, acrobatic stunts, and cheer skills to fulfill our mission of witnessing for Christ through gymnastics. The team is available to perform for churches, schools, and other community organizations during their spring break each year. The team ends its spring tour season with “Jym Jamboree” in early April at the Luce Center on campus.


Founded in 1965, the group has toured throughout the United States, performing for schools, churches, community groups, prisons, and has included shows at the Pentagon and an NBA basketball game. The team has roots going back to 1935 before becoming officially sponsored by the school in 1965, offering the first “Jym Jamboree” that year. Throughout the years, Asbury University students have used the vehicle of gymnastics and sports acrobatics as a means to communicate Christ’s transforming work. We are proud to be an extension of that great heritage.


If you would like to request a performance please email tumbling.team@asbury.edu

If you are interested in joining the team please fill out our interest form.

You can also reach us by emailing AUTumblingTeam@gmail.com or by contacting our head coach at (859) 363-6038.

Facebook page: Asbury University Tumbling Team

Youtube channel: @asburytumbling

Instagram: @asburytumbling

Tik Tok: @asburytumbling


▾ What experience do I need to join the tumbling team?

There is no specific skill requirement to join our team! We are first and foremost a ministry team, it is much more important to us that you have a heart for ministry!

▾ What are the requirements for joining the team?

You must be enrolled at Asbury University as an undergraduate student or an Asbury Academy student.

▾ What is the atmosphere of the team?

This team is devoted to spiritual, physical, and mental wellness. No matter what skill level you are, you will be encouraged and supported by your teammates and coaches.

▾ Are tumbling shows free?

Yes, tumbling shows are completely free to host and attend.

▾ How can I get the tumbling team to perform at my school/church/etc?

▾ How much space is required for a show?

Our equipment is 65ft x 45ft and a double door with removable mullion is necessary to get our equipment inside. However, we are willing to make accommodations for smaller spaces.

▾ Do you host any clinics or lessons for kids throughout the year?

Yes! We try to hold several “Junior Jamboree” clinics every year. These are held at the Asbury University Luce Center and are for kids 3-17 years old. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on when these events are.