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Adventure Education and Leadership Major

The adventure education and leadership major at Asbury University crafts a unique approach: developing competent, life and career-ready leaders for and through adventure education.

In Asbury’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Adventure Education and Leadership degree program, you will get the chance to merge theory and practice behind wilderness and adventure education with hands-on fieldwork and immersive nature experiences. Combining technical skills training with theoretical context and real-life praxis, our students graduate with more real leadership experience than many people already in the workforce.

Whether you aim to use your degree to acquire practical leadership skills or you have goals of working in camp ministry, outdoor and guiding education or wilderness therapy, our adventure education major is a stellar option for anyone who prefers getting outside to sitting in a cubicle.

Adventure Education Degree Curriculum

In the B.A. in Adventure Education and Leadership program, you’ll learn in a combination of in-class and in-the-dirt environments. Adventure education majors will take theory courses in education and leadership, technical courses in outdoor skills and activities and gain analytical and communication skills in Foundations courses, Asbury’s general education curriculum.

Degree requirements include:

  • A minimum of 124 total credit hours
  • 56-57 credits in required major courses, including 20-21 credits in chosen concentration area
  • 15 credits earned through the F.I.E.L.D. semester outdoor leadership program
  • 50 credits in Foundations general education courses
  • Any electives needed to fulfill the total credit requirements of the Bachelor of Arts (17-18 credits depending on concentration area)

Whether you’re trekking out with classmates to gain technical certifications or gleaning wisdom from experienced faculty, nourish the skills of collaboration and curiosity through Asbury’s holistic approach to undergraduate education. Uncover the sought-after skills you’ll learn in Foundations general education courses.Review complete requirements for the bachelor’s degree in adventure education.

Areas of Emphasis

Gain applied leadership experience and a depth of knowledge in your specific area of interest through selecting one of the following major concentrations.

Outdoor Recreation Degree Concentration

Courses in the outdoor recreation major concentration tackle both the business and the human sides of outdoor recreation. Find complete requirements in the Asbury course catalog.

Environmental Studies Degree Concentration

Choosing the environmental studies concentration leads to advanced knowledge in biology, ecology and issues of the environment. Review concentration requirements in the catalog.

Outdoor Ministry and Discipleship Degree Concentration

Take specialized classes in youth leadership and church ministry to enhance your ability to make an impact in faith spaces. Find complete concentration area requirements in the course catalog.

Outdoor Behavioral Intervention Degree Concentration

In this major concentration, learn actionable skills that help others in need in the intersection of social work and outdoor education. Review course requirements in the Asbury catalog for this area.

Outdoor Education and Leadership Courses

In addition to courses in your emphasis area and interdisciplinary Foundations classes, you’ll take classes in both the theory and application of outdoor leadership.

Course subjects include:

  • Experiential education
  • Outdoor education
  • Stewardship
  • Group communication and leadership

Technical and experiential courses cover activities like:

  • Rock climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Caving
  • Wilderness travel
  • Wilderness medicine

Earn Outdoor Education and Leadership Certifications

Adventure education majors will, throughout the course of the program, receive certifications in:

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Leave No Trace Instructor
  • AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Challenge Course Facilitation
  • Lifeguarding

Adventure Education Bachelor’s Degree Career Outcomes

Whether you’re interested in pursuing sustainability education, recreation programming or leadership roles in any traditional or untraditional work environment, the B.A. in Adventure Education and Leadership degree program forges vast opportunities to pursue a spiritually fulfilling vocation.

You can find our graduates:

  • Directing summer camps
  • Working as field guides in wilderness therapy
  • Repping outdoor gear companies
  • Teaching in educational settings
  • Working in church ministry and youth group programming
  • Operating experiential and environmental education programs
  • Working as first responders

That’s just to name a few. We also have alumni who go on to pursue medical professions, law school, MBA degrees and beyond! Tangible, transferable leadership skills assist with any career calling.

F.I.E.L.D. Semester Experience

The essence of our outdoor education degree program is learning through experience. In addition to opportunities for leadership in many on- and off-campus groups, the bachelor’s in adventure education includes the built-in Faith-based, Integrative, Experiential, Leadership Development (F.I.E.L.D.) semester, a one-of-a-kind experience that imparts real-world leadership strategies.

The purpose of the F.I.E.LD. program is to give adventure education majors access to complete immersion in the subject matter. F.I.E.L.D. centers around the adventure leadership aspect of the major, allowing students to focus on field experience, certification courses, small group dynamics and technical skills application in outdoor settings across the United States.


Customize Any Major With a Minor in Adventure Education

If you’re interested in other bachelor’s degree programs but want to take advantage of the immersive experiences and lasting leadership skills gained in the major, consider adding an adventure education and leadership minor to any undergraduate degree you pursue. Gain practical skills applicable to any professional calling by combining this minor with Asbury’s other career-oriented degrees, like our health and physical education programs, communication programs or Dayton School of Business majors.

Explore Admissions and Financial Aid

Find out if pursuing the B.A. in Adventure Education and Leadership could fit into the future plans God might have in mind for you! Plan a campus visit to meet faculty and current students and catch a glimpse of our facilities nestled in the rolling hills of Wilmore, Kentucky. Or, contact program director Trent Ellsworth for more information. 

Take the next step and review admissions information for undergraduates and Asbury financial aid resources.

Discover the B.A. in Adventure Education and Leadership

As a major in adventure education and leadership, you’ll become a lifelong steward of the world’s beauty, uncovering the technical and leadership skills you need to launch a career journey of shepherding others in exploring the far-flung corners of the earthly human experience.

Apply to the Adventure Education and Leadership bachelor’s degree program today or contact the Admissions team for more information.