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Equine Assisted Services Degree Program

Students interested in working in therapeutic settings using horses to help patients physically, mentally and emotionally might pursue the B.A. in Equine Assisted Services. The concentration areas in this degree position students to excel at all levels of this field, from performing administrative functions to applying for graduate programs in pursuit of animal-assisted mental health counseling credentials.

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Equine-assisted therapeutics and other activities facilitated by animal caretakers make up a rapidly-growing career field based on the intersection between health and wellness and equine training. Asbury’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Equine Assisted Services degree requires 124 distributed in the following manner:

  • 26 credits in core major courses
  • 27-28 credits in area of concentration
  • 56 credits in Foundations course requirements
  • 14-15 elective course credits to complete minimum requirements

What you’ll learn in Asbury’s Bachelor’s in Equine Assisted Services can lead to community-level or clinical equine therapy job opportunities. Courses include:

  • Intro to Therapeutic Riding
  • Therapeutic Riding Instruction
  • Equine Facilitated Mental Health

All students learn about how to facilitate therapeutic horseback rides for others, about the practices of equine-assisted therapies and how to use equines in learning. If you’re passionate about mental health and the healing power of animals, prepare for a career as a professional equine therapist with this equine services degree.

Equine Assisted Activities Concentration

Students majoring in Equine Assisted Activities receive instruction in psychology and equine training readying them for careers using horses to facilitate activities of all kinds. The equine-assisted activities industry can include any way communities and individuals connect to horses for educational, recreational or personal development purposes in public or private organizations.

Students studying Equine Assisted Activities will complete a built-in internship in their field of service. These hands-on hours contribute to a horseback riding instruction certification and allow students to gain experience in a field they wish to pursue professionally, from school settings to guiding trail rides.

Find complete degree requirements for the B.A. in Equine Assisted Services—Equine Assisted Activities.

EAS Program Management Concentration

Students who picture themselves managing or owning a business in equine-assisted services can concentrate in EAS—Program Management. In this area, equine majors take business courses both broadly and specific to the equine industry. Essential concepts like equine law and farm and ranch management are taught, and students experience an internship and training in both for-profit and nonprofit management concepts.

Find complete degree requirements for the B.A. in Equine Assisted Services—Program Management.

Equine Assisted Mental Health Concentration

The Equine Assisted Mental Health (EAMH) degree concentration includes additional psychology courses and a practicum experience in either a clinical or counseling setting such as our AU Equine Center. Equine majors studying assisted mental health will gain expertise in cutting-edge EAMH interventional techniques and learn how to seamlessly integrate equine instruction with mental health practices.

Asbury’s experienced and brilliant equine program faculty ensure students proceed with an understanding of how equines can ethically and safely be used in mental health services, whether they enter the workforce or apply to graduate programs in counseling or psychology.

Find completed degree requirements for the B.A. in Equine Assisted Services—Equine Assisted Mental Health.

Equine Assisted Services Admissions and Financial Aid

Asbury offers GPA-based merit scholarships and financial aid to out-of-state students, among other aid opportunities. Review the financial aid options available at Asbury.

To find out how to apply as a first time or transfer student to an equine major, review Asbury University’s admissions process and requirements.

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After earning a B.A. in Equine Assisted Activities at Asbury University, students are well-prepared to pursue their calling. If you’re interested in one of Asbury’s exceptional and individualized equine degree programs, request more information using the form on this page or begin your application today.