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Moulton Scholars Program

A recognition and grant opportunity available to Asbury Psychology majors

What is a Moulton Scholar?

A designation conferred on upper-level undergraduate Asbury Psychology Majors who have applied and been approved by the full-time psychology faculty for admittance into the program.

The successful applicant will:

  • Be a rising junior or senior, according to the Office of the AU Registrar.
  • Be a full-time AU Psychology major in good standing.
  • Have completed at least 11 AU Psychology credits.
  • Have an overall GPA of no less than 3.50 and an AU PSY GPA of no less than 3.60.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the integration of psychology and orthodox Christianity.
  • Possess a compelling co-curricular and/or extracurricular resume. (The resume can include not only campus activities, but also service and work responsibilities.)
  • Articulate a challenging vision for academic, professional, and/or service- oriented activities upon graduation.
  • Conduct themselves in a mature, respectful, and professional manner both in and out of classroom settings.

How do I become a Moulton Scholar?

These criteria will be assessed by way of the Moulton Scholars application form, to be turned in to the Psychology Department Chair no later than March 31st of the applicant’s sophomore or junior year. The Moulton Scholars program is competitive. Simply meeting the above requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Given that some designees will be eligible for scholarship grants, there will most likely be limits on the number of qualified applicants that can be accepted in any given year.

What is expected of a Moulton Scholar?

  • Be involved in Psychology Club, Psi Chi, and departmental events.
  • Be involved in leadership, practicums, service, and/or study-abroad experiences.

Students, once designated as Moulton Scholars, will continue this designation and any associated scholarship benefits until their undergraduate degree is completed. The removal of the designation, and any scholarship funds associated with it, is reserved in the case of a current member who no longer meets the stated criteria.

What are the benefits of being a Moulton Scholar?

  • Receive, upon graduation, a plaque acknowledging this designation.
  • Receive, upon acceptance, a letter from the department acknowledging this designation.
  • Receive grant monies from the Moulton Endowed Scholarship Fund.* (Scholarships are typically around $1,250 per semester.) These granted monies will stack on top of already existing financial aid. *Eligibility for grant monies is determined by financial need by the AU Financial Aid Office.



Alan and Yvonne Moulton

Dr. Alan ’60 and Yvonne Cochran ’58 Moulton faithfully served Asbury from 1962 to 2005. Yvonne taught English, and Al served as a faculty member and dean. As a long-standing Psychology Department chair, he provided careful and thoughtful vision to the department while also bringing memorable and meaningful instruction to students in the classroom. Together, Al and Yvonne left a powerful legacy of influence on countless students whom they mentored and loved. In these many ways, they have left a lasting impression on both Asbury and the work of the gospel that only eternity can measure.