Political Science Faculty & Staff

Dr. Stephen Clements, Associate Professor of Political Science, is the lead faculty member in the discipline and manages the program. He teaches several of the courses in the political science core on a recurring basis (PS 101: American politics and government, PS 301: Comparative politics, and PS 302: International relations), along with various upper division courses in politics and policy.

Faculty members from BEPS and from several other departments teach many of the courses that count toward the major and minor—this is fitting for an interdisciplinary degree. These include (grouped by discipline):

Dr. Paul Hamilton, Professor of Economics

Dr. Burnam Reynolds, Professor of History

David Swartz, Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Glen Spann, Associate Professor of History

Mr. Dan Sheffler, Adjunct instructor of Philosophy

Mr. Bob Silvanik, Adjunct Instructor of Political Science

Mr. John Roach, Adjunct Instructor of Political Science

Dr. Carey Ruiz, Assistant Professor of Sociology