Opera Workshop

OPERA WORKSHOP is an exciting opportunity for vocalists at Asbury University.  Photos from recent productions are included below.  Beginning in 2012, the Opera Workshop Class will be alternating with another class called Musical Theatre Ensemble.  This group will present an event called BROADWAY CAMEOS.  The first production of "Broadway Cameos" will be held Thursday through Saturday evenings on January 10, 11, and 12, 2013. 

Poster & Cast Pictures from Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado (2011-2012):

















Scenes from Moore's Gallantry & Menotti's The Telephone (2010-2011):

Opera 2011 Telephone
Andrew Miller (Ben) with Cherise Bell (Lucy) in "The Telephone"



Opera 2011 Gallantry 1
Kristin Gillis (Lola) with Chandler Klein (Donald) and Dylan Schatko (Dr. Gregg) in "Gallantry"



Opera 2011 Gallantry 2
Trevor Hudson (Announcer's Assistant) with Aletha Hutt (Announcer) in "Gallantry"



Opera 2011 Cast, Accompanist, Director
Both opera casts with the accompanist, Professor Mary Ann Wilder, and the director, Dr. Beatrice Holz



Scenes from "A Night At the Opera" (A Program of Opera Scenes in Concert, 2009-2010):

Opera 2010 Abduction from the Seraglio
Caleb Friedman, Kristin Gillis, Megan Parker & Matthew Cessna - Quartet from Mozart's "Abduction from the Seraglio"



Opera 2010 Amahl and the Night Visitors
Aletha Hutt, Andrew Miller, Logan Kidwell, and Andrew Lemons in a scene from "Amahl and the Night Visitors"



Opera 2010 Mikado
Amanda Ridenour and Chandler Klein in a duet from the "Mikado"



Opera 2010 The Marriage of Figaro
Noel Gast and Cherise Bell share a duet in the "Letter Scene" from "The Marriage of Figaro"



Opera 2010 The Magic Flute
Hope Tumblin, Aletha Hutt, and Noel Gast share the stage with Chandler Klein in a scene from "The Magic Flute"



Scenes from Penhorwood's Too Many Sopranos (2008-2009):

TMS Cast
The Cast of "Too Many Sopranos"



Sandman (Cherise Bell '11); Nelson Deadly (Taylor Darden '10); Just Jeanette (Jodie Nichols Craddock '09)



St. Peter
Saint Peter (Nathaniel Craddock '09) and the Divas (Left-to-Right: Aletha Hutt '11, Jodie Nichols Craddock '09, Theresa Slovich '10, and Megan Parker '09)



Dame Doleful (Aletha Hutt '11) with the Unnamed Bass (Andrew Miller '11)



Enrico Carouser (Chandler Klein '11) and Miss Titmouse (Megan Parker '09)



Mrs. Pompous (Theresa Slovich '10) and Orson (Luke Baldridge '09)



Gabriel (Timothy Randall Bishop '10) and Just Jeanette (Jodie Nichols Craddock '09)



Orson (Luke Baldridge '09)



Left-to-Right: Miss Titmouse (Megan Parker '09), Dame Doleful (Aletha Hutt '11), Saint Peter (Nathaniel Craddock '09), Just Jeanette (Jodie Nichols Craddock '09), Mrs. Pompous (Theresa Slovich '10), and Gabriel (Timothy Randall Bishop '10)



Scenes from Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel (2007-2008):

Hansel Gretel
Megan Parker '09 (Gretel) and Kristen Reynolds '08 (Hansel)



Sleepy Fairy
Rebecca Teague '09 (The Sleep Fairy)



Dew Fairy
Hannah Ahn '08 (The Dew Fairy)



Anna Sperger '08 (The Witch) with Hansel and Gretel



Two of the Gingerbread Children's Chorus (Women's Choir Members)



Hansel & Gretel's Mother and Father -- Jackie Nichols '08 and Andrew Miller '11



Scenes from Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors (2006-2007):

Adam Schell (Amahl) and Kristen Reynolds '08 (Mother)



Noah Jacobus (King Balthazar), '09 Michael Himes (King Melchior), Adam Schell (Amahl), and David Goss (King Kaspar)



Nicole Bamford '08 (Dancer)



Scenes from Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado (2005-2006):

Kate Winchester (Pitti-Sing), Amanda Blevins (Peep-Bo) and Kristen Reynolds (Yum-Yum)



Elisabeth Betton (Katisha) and Noah Jacobus (Mikado)



Caleb Stinson (Pish-Tush)



Brittany Peel, Sarah McQueen, Megan Parker, Neva Jean Sales, Laura Hogue & Heather Diamond (standing)



Kristen Reynolds (Yum-Yum) and Jesse Hinson (Nanki-Poo)



Jacob Granados (Omomuki San)



Enoch Jacobus (Pooh-Bah), Matthew Tidman (Ko-Ko) and Jacob Granados (Omomuki San)