Teams bring home Math Modeling Meritorious awards

By Leah Riley, a senior from Harrodsburg, Ky.
Wilmore, KY— The Asbury Math Modeling Teams brought home two meritorious awards and two honorable mention awards from this year’s math modeling competition. This year, 1,675 teams representing institutions from 14 countries participated in the contest; a record number of participants.
This year’s contest ran from Thursday, Feb. 5 to Monday, Feb. 9, 2009. During that time, teams of up to three undergraduate or high school students researched, modeled, and submitted a solution to one of two modeling problems.
Ben Clapp, Keri Eustis, and Kara Wiltrout were on the first team to win a meritorious award, and Joe Purcell, Brian Hazlett, and Joel Charalambakis were on the second team to receive the award.

Both meritorious teams produced a model of an ecosystem that had been damaged by fish farming that resulted in the death of the coral reef in the region. Their solutions presented multispecies models that restored the reef while maintaining the economic viability of the industry.

Receiving a meritorious award signifies that these teams placed, roughly, in the top 15 percent of the competition. The two teams that received honorable mention placed, roughly, in the top 40 percent of the competition.
To learn more about the math modeling competition or Asbury College’s mathematics department, please contact Dr. David Coulliette at (859) 858-3511 ext. 2165 or

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