Geek Week, Oct. 29-Nov. 2

Geek Week

WILMORE, KY—It’s that time of year again to don your pocket protectors, super hero costumes and favorite pair of taped glasses. It’s not Halloween…It’s Geek Week! (It’s also Halloween, but who needs candy when you have calculus?)

The mathematics department hosts Geek Week, a celebration of your inner brainy-ness, Oct. 29-Nov. 2.

Monday, Oct. 29
Not Your Father’s PC
7-9 p.m., Hamann-Ray 3rd floor
Prof. Del Searls showcases the department’s collection of vintage computer gear. Remember Mom and Dad’s stories about Commodore 64s, TRS-80 and Amigas? You won’t want to miss this tour of prehistoric nerdworld.

Tuesday, Oct. 30
Origami Seminar
7-9 p.m., Grille
Dr. Duk Lee describes the basics of origami, its connection with math and will lead a folding demonstration. Learn how to fold flowers that never die to impress your common denominator. Who needs a florist when you are a physicist?

Thursday, Nov. 1
Wealth Creation and Christian Reflections  
Business and Economics Department Seminar with Dr. Jay Richards
4 p.m., Bennett-Bernard

Screening of the documentary: The Call of the Entrepreneur
7:30 p.m., Bennett-Bernard

Friday, Nov. 2
Math First Friday:  Pocket Protector Ceremony
5 p.m.
You’ve conquered Pythagoras’ Theorem, you’ve mastered the algorithms—it’s now time to collect your coveted trophy. Wear it proudly!

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