You know you’re an Asbury Equine Studies major if…

Just a fun series of lists – with a new list each week. 

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You know you’re an Asbury Equine major if… 

1 Your horse gets new shoes twice as often as you do… And when you do get new shoes, they’re actually boots.
2 Those 8 a.m. classes don’t intimidate you, you’ve already been to the barn and back.
3 You talk about your horse the same way you talk about your closest friends.
4 People are more than curious when you talk about what your 1,000-pound baby did today.
5 Your tack is cleaned more often than your laundry.
6 Navigating Asbury’s 350 acres of equine farm, land and trails is easier to you than driving through Lexington.
7 You regularly watch the sun set in to the Kentucky River.
8 Cafeteria workers have you on their “watch list” because you’re notorious for smuggling out extra apples and carrots.
9 You and your peers are regularly asked to demonstrate at high caliber events like the World Equestrian Games.
10 You prefer a landscape of rolling hills, picket fences, and grazing horses over a city skyline any day.

To learn more about Asbury's Equine Studies major, visit Equine Studies.


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