Heaven's Helpers, Asbury's EMI group

Equestrian Ministries International (EMI) is an organization of believers in Christ who share an interest in horses and wish to be involved in a ministry designed to reach out and share the love of God. As an evangelistic outreach, it exists to promote netweaving among those in the Christian horse community. It is a non-denominational, non-profit organization and incorporates equine communities throughout the states and across the seas.

Members of EMI is Asbury University's new equine ministry team, Heaven's Helpers. The team was created in the fall of 2007, and has made a tremendous impact on the surrounding community.

The ministry team is student-driven, and is willing to help anyone in need, even if it doesn't include horses. Offering pony rides to children in the community is one of their best known highlights. Every month, they aim to do one activity to help someone else, including volunteering their time at the Jessamine County Equine Humane Center. During the Christmas season, they visit the homes of shut-ins around the City of Wilmore and sing Christmas carols to them and their families.