Asbury Professor to Show Film at Festival

Asbury University English Professor Devin Brown will show the documentary C. S. Lewis: Why He Matters Today at the C. S. Lewis Festival in Petoskey, Mich., on November 11. He will then deliver the sermon for the Festival's Sunday Service at Emmanuel Episcopal Church on November 13.

The 30-minute documentary, which was produced by Asbury students and alumni under the direction of Professor Greg Bandy, looks at Lewis’ efforts to reclaim Christian reason, to rediscover Christian imagination and to restore a Christian vision of humanity. It features interviews with some of today’s most prominent Christian scholars, thinkers and writers including: Chuck Colson, Michael Flaherty, Douglas Gresham, Tim Keller and Eric Metaxas.

“With Lewis's passing in 1963, we are coming up to the 50th anniversary of his death, and his writings are more popular, more relevant and more needed than ever,” Brown said. “As Christians look for a model of how to love God with all their mind, there is no better example for our time than C. S. Lewis, who used all of his God-given abilities and opportunities to engage the culture and share the Gospel.”

Staged every fall, the C. S. Lewis Festival is a collaboration between schools, libraries, music and theater groups, arts programs, businesses and religious fellowships. Since its inception in 2003, the Festival has won national attention through its cast of world-class speakers and events.

“The C. S. Lewis Festival is an amazing production,” Brown said. “I am thrilled and honored to be one of the headliners this year. I am particularly happy to have been asked to speak from the pulpit at the worship service on Sunday because I am typically asked to give more academic talks. Although he was an English professor, Lewis preached a number of sermons, including ‘The Weight of Glory.’  I am sure he would be pleased that this Sunday Service is an integral part of the Festival.”

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