Asbury professor works on C. S. Lewis Study Bible

Dr. Devin BrownWILMORE, KY—Dr. Devin Brown, English professor at Asbury College, has been named to the advisory board for The C.S. Lewis Bible. The study Bible will use the NRSV translation. HarperOne, an Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, which recently received approval from the C.S. Lewis Estate to pursue this groundbreaking project, will publish it in November 2010.

The C.S. Lewis Bible will offer C.S. Lewis as a companion to a reader’s daily meditation of scripture. As people read the Bible, they will also gain insight from his writings and spiritual journey as they invite Lewis into their spiritual discipline. This Bible will honor his material by showcasing his life-giving writings and classic works that define and explain key issues in the life of faith. This Bible will be more meditational than devotional, and would stay pure to his editorial voice to honor the material of this beloved writer and thinker.

“C.S. Lewis is acknowledged as one of the most important Christian writers of the 20th Century,” Dr. Brown said. “His commentary on scripture provides insight and encouragement to both mature Christians and those who are new to the faith. The C.S. Lewis Bible will put this commentary all in one volume and will also put it right next to the scripture it refers to. It is a real honor to have been invited to contribute to this project. This will be a wonderful work for not just Lewis fans but for anyone who enjoys studying the Bible.”

Dr. Brown is the author of Inside Narnia (Baker 2005) and Inside Prince Caspian (Baker 2008).  He is currently working on Inside The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which will be released in 2010 in advance of the third Narnia film.

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