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English Major Programs

At Asbury University, our English major programs are home to future authors, teachers, writers, editors and business professionals. Our three English degrees span the subject, allowing students to prepare for career fields in teaching, creative writing and more.

Students in our creative writing and English degree programs are backed by Asbury’s philosophy of providing work experience to undergraduate students. Under the watchful eye of talented and visionary faculty, students in Asbury undergraduate English degree programs carve their career niches using the power of language.

Choose an Asbury English Degree Program

Asbury University’s English Department offers three bachelor’s degree programs, each with a career-focused curriculum and opportunities for experiential learning, developing well-rounded graduates.

Expert faculty connect themes to applications, teaching courses designed for the modern career landscape. Then, English electives further shape your degree. Whether you want to teach, write for a living or develop a career in communications, marketing or academia, our English programs’ flexibility empowers you to trailblaze your path. Spend time studying areas such as:

  • Grammar
  • Creative Writing (Fiction and Poetry)
  • Teaching English
  • Writing for Teachers
  • Creative Nonfiction

Or, dig deeply into a topic or skill with a faculty-guided independent study, additional minor or internship. Find which Asbury English major program aligns with your career goals, whether you want to focus on developing research and synthesis skills, your writing abilities or learning how to teach English to the next generation.

See a complete list of English courses at Asbury.

B.A. in English

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English program covers a broad range of skills that integrate creative, accurate and effective writing, literature interpretations and research. Asbury English majors graduate with verbal and written communication skills that distinctly benefit careers in numerous fields. You’ll get hands-on practice building skills in areas such as:

  • Research and presentation skills
  • Academic writing
  • Medieval, Renaissance, 18th and 19th century and contemporary literature
  • Diverse voices in literature
  • Argumentative writing and criticism

Learning how to closely and deeply connect language arts and literature to professional skills and the human condition positions Asbury English majors to originate a plan of study that drives a new purposeful conception of their future careers.

▾ English Major Requirements

The B.A. in English major requires 124 total course credits, distributed across major areas of study, historical periods, author-focused seminars and general education courses supporting an informed and critical worldview. 

  • 42 credits in English major courses, including 9 credits in English elective courses
  • 56 credits in Foundations general education courses
  • 26 credits in chosen elective courses

Review the complete B.A. in English degree requirements.

B.A. in Creative Writing

What’s your favorite story and why did you love it so much? At Asbury, finding artistic inspiration is a major part of creative writing, and we want you to write your own academic story simultaneously while writing your next fiction novel or poem.

As a Creative Writing major, you will have the opportunity to gain broad skills across the genres of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry while deepening and developing your specific genre focus. No matter what you like to write, as a creative writing major, you’ll study the greats as well as develop and refine your own style and voice. 

Creative writing majors complete coursework that translates directly to careers in every sector. Expose yourself to the writing styles of traditional publishing as well as technical business careers through lectures and independent studies in:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Writing for media and industry
  • Screenwriting
  • Feature and opinion article writing
  • Children’s and young adult literature

▾ Creative Writing Major Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Creative Writing program also requires a total of 124 credit hours. Creative writing major requirements are distributed across general education courses, core writing topics and specific coursework in the role of literature and navigating the media industry.

  • 42 credits in core Creative Writing major courses
  • 56 credits in Foundations general education courses
  • 26 credits in chosen elective courses

▾ Opportunities for Creative Writing Majors

Want chances to share and explore your work? While belonging to a thriving and close-knit creative art and writing community here on campus, you will have opportunities for publication or a position as an editor, submission reader, or publisher with the university’s biannual literary and arts magazine, The Asbury Review, and have time to interact with visiting poets and fiction writers active in the creative art field.

Share your creative work by becoming involved with campus open mic nights, self-initiated internship opportunities with local small presses or nonprofits like The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning to gain real-world job experiences while marketing your work to prospective employers emphasizing strengths in professional and creative writing.

The Creative Writing major is designed to be tailored to your aspirations and personal education journey with a small enough credit hour list to pair beautifully with almost any other major or with a variety of exciting minors. You may wish to double major in Creative Writing and Media Communications or Creative Writing and English and enjoy several overlapping credits.

So, what do Asbury creative writing majors end up doing? For a small glimpse into post-graduation life, students like you who have chosen the creative writing path end up working with agents and selling novels or literary collections, working for small presses and for non-profit organizations as writers, content creators or publicists, attending top-rated MFA programs studying poetry, fiction, and nonfiction as well as teaching, involved in local writing and arts communities and continuing to write and tell stories in various capacities as a vocation, working as grant writers, and in other professional writing capacities.

Review complete B.A. in Creative Writing degree requirements.

B.S. in English Education Grades 8-12

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in English Grades 8-12 degree program prepares students to become English teachers at the high school level. You’ll become an expert in writing, reading, speech, literature and pedagogy concepts. These subjects will develop your unique ability to reach and connect with students, passing on your well-rounded knowledge.

English education majors graduate prepared to sit for the necessary Praxis teaching skills tests and to become credentialed high school English teachers in Kentucky and beyond, through courses and experiences in topics such as:

  • Reading and writing curriculum
  • Educational technology
  • Literary traditions
  • Linguistics and advanced grammar
  • Classroom management

▾ English Education Major Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in English Grades 8-12 requires a total of 124 course credits to graduate. In addition to learning core major topics and essential teaching skills, students in the English Grades 8-12 major program complete clinical experiences that expand their hands-on background in classroom learning and pedagogy.

Along the way, the Teacher Education Program at Asbury ensures you don’t miss anything that you need to apply to further graduate education programs or enter the workforce after graduation.

  • 79 credits in core Teacher Education and English major core courses
  • Student teaching clinical component
  • 47 credits in undergraduate Foundations general education courses

Review complete degree requirements for the B.S. in English Grades 8-12.

Career Opportunities for English Majors

When you earn an English degree at Asbury, you become a well-rounded, educated individual with unbounded opportunities in various fields of work. English program graduates have found work using their education in settings such as:

  • Private corporations in media marketing communications
  • Academic institutions
  • Publishing companies
  • Government or nonprofit agencies

Our career-driven degree programs prove that you can hone your skills as an English major, no matter what calling you pursue. Career paths for English and creative writing majors include:

  • English teacher
  • Creative writing teacher
  • Technical writer
  • Published author
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Content writer
  • Media and communication specialist
  • Marketer or public relations specialist

As you can see, you can do a lot more than teaching after graduating with an English or creative writing degree. Asbury’s English degree curriculum and experiential learning opportunities are also excellent preparation for students applying to master’s programs in teaching, communications or other areas in pursuit of advanced professional roles.

Why Prepare for Careers in English and Writing at Asbury?

▾ Gain Applied Experience On and Off Campus

Students in Asbury’s English degree programs get prepared for life. Through on- and off-campus learning experiences, English majors amplify their studies and enhance their resumes in advance of the job search. Experiences like these are catalysts for career development and personal growth.

English majors can practice their research and writing skills by joining the University newspaper, the Asbury Collegian, or the yearbook staff. Or, collaborate with interdisciplinary and boundary-pushing clubs and organizations, such as the Reader’s Theatre.

Asbury’s unrivaled global initiatives include opportunities to travel to Oxford, England, for a semester abroad. Additionally, internships and opportunities to serve and work in the surrounding communities ensure English majors at Asbury can benefit their future careers in tangible ways.

Learn about Asbury’s student life and explore the Catalyst Center for Applied Learning.

▾ Informed Curriculum

Asbury’s English majors receive the preparation they need to find a rewarding lifelong career. Coursework covers numerous possible career fields, from children’s literature to journalism and media writing. For students interested in teaching, experienced educators are part of the department faculty and promote research that furthers the field.

Internship opportunities for English majors are integrated into the curriculum, allowing students to practice the concepts they have learned and become familiar with their possible work environments. Asbury English majors have completed internships supervised by mentors in all sectors, bolstering their confidence and their resume.

▾ Peer and Community Connections

Life at Asbury is based on community. In addition to opportunities to further you academically and professionally, we offer many ways to connect with peers, other English majors and the larger Kentucky community.

▾ Student Resources and Support

Supporting our students is a dedication that persists throughout campus. Our unrivaled Student Services staff helps you navigate student life, graduation paperwork, financial aid and even more. 

Housed under Student Services, the Center for Wholeness and Wellness is a space designed to provide mental wellness services and care for our students. Additionally, English and creative writing majors have access to the Office of Career and Calling, where support is available for resume writing, internship opportunities and career advice.

Get some answers to frequently asked questions about Asbury English degree programs.

Flexible Major and Minor Combinations

Your choice of elective courses is one way to tailor the English major programs to your career goals. Additionally, Asbury encourages you to craft a degree uniquely suited to your needs by exploring double majors and minor programs. You can even double-major in English and Creative Writing.

Combine the B.A. in English with a double major or minor in an area such as:

Review a complete list of Asbury’s major and minor programs.

English Program Admissions and Financial Aid

From Eagle Days to one-on-one meetings, Asbury’s competent and caring staff can help you find your place at Asbury, whatever your current situation or future plans.

Apply to Asbury University English Major Programs

Asbury University’s personalized English degree programs provide ideal preparation for students seeking careers in writing, teaching, editing, publishing and beyond. Get one step closer to your life’s passion and enter your career path right after graduation.

Schedule a campus visit today. Or, apply now to the B.A. in English, the B.A. in Creative Writing or the B.S. in English Education (Grades 8-12) degree program.