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Dr. Chuck Gobin, Chair

The Department of English has a central role in Asbury University’s objective of the integration of faith and learning. Fundamental to the growth of any student is the ability to communicate effectively in oral and written forms.

Additionally, instructors endeavor to encourage student appreciation for literature as an aesthetic discipline affirming humanity’s quest for increased knowledge of itself and its world. Literature is a witness to the full gamut of human needs, joys, longings, and conflicts and thus serves as a witness to the spiritual dimension within mankind. Concurrently, the Department seeks to assist students in developing a Christian worldview through an integration of historical and Biblical perspectives that, in turn, foster a more cogent articulation of a Christian value system to the modern world.

[Major and Minor requirements]



  1. All undergraduates must satisfy ENG 110 or 151 or the equivalent to meet the foundational requirement in composition.
  2. Students are placed in English Composition based upon their ACT/SAT English scores by the following scale:

    21/500 or less ENG 100 Introduction to Composition
    22/510 – 26/650 ENG 110 Exposition and Research
    27/660 or higher ENG 151 Advanced Exposition and Research

  3. Students placed in ENG 100 must complete ENG 100 before enrolling in ENG 110.
  4. Students assigned to ENG 100 will be enrolled concurrently in the Writing Center’s tutorial program.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center, a service of the Center for Academic Excellence, helps students from all disciplines and at all levels of proficiency improve their writing skills through individual sessions with competent staff. As trained peer readers, Writing Center staff can help students understand grammatical and usage principles and help them better plan, revise, and edit their own writing. Although some students are required to enroll in the Writing Center Tutoring Program, any student may take advantage of the Writing Center’s services free of charge.


The C. S. Lewis Study Undergraduate Study Center at Asbury University offers three courses devoted to the thought and writings of Lewis as well as other lectures and events open to the entire student body. The classes are PHL 293 Philosophy of C. S. Lewis, ENG 423 C. S. Lewis and the Oxford Circle, and ENG 391 Independent Study (which may focus on additional writings of Lewis). The program offers C. S. Lewis Scholarships on a competitive basis to incoming freshmen. (Dr. Devin Brown. Director)

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