Graduate Education Department

Why choose Asbury?

At Asbury University, we care deeply about our candidates. That caring is rooted in a Christ-like modeling of a balanced life in all facets of our daily journey. Our professors model positive relationships with their students and a passion for teaching and learning.

Apply early and get rewards!

Apply for a Spring 2017 master's program by October 31 to receive a free t-shirt and a $15 gift card!

Early applicant rewards apply only to the Spring 2017 semester Master of Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching programs in the School of Education. You will receive your shirt and gift card upon completion of your first week of spring classes.



LEARN MOREOur unique learning platform allows you to attend class remotely in a live, synchronous web environment. You’ll experience the benefits of the face to face classroom experience with the flexibility of an entirely online program. 


CONTACT USAll of our programs are built for working professionals, so you can earn your master’s degree by attending online, evening classes that meet just once per week!



Teacher and student holding ocean waves made of blue cardboardTeacher teaching a class sitting on the floorTeacher talking with students in the hallway at school