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Communication Academics

Communication is about telling a story. The liberal arts emphasis at Asbury University means our goal is not just to educate students to perform a job, but that we strive to grow students intellectually so that they are creative, mentally flexible and can best meet the rapidly changing future. Within the Communication major, all students will benefit from a core of classes to help them become mature communicators, but they can also choose an area of specialization that will allow them to explore their own talents on a deeper level as well as focus their major to best match their future vocations. The four areas of specialization are leadership, public relations, social media, and international communication. For students who do not decide to major in Communication but understand the need for these practical skills, academic minors are available in Communication, Public Relations, Social Media, and Leadership.

Public Relations Emphasis

Public Relations is an incredibly varied, challenging and rewarding profession, with growing career opportunities in the business, nonprofit and public service sectors. Growth in the field has been fueled by new digital media technologies and new populations joining the world village as media communication technologies abound in emerging markets. The job market for public relations managers is projected to grow at an above average pace through 2026*.

Asbury University’s PRSSA chapter provides students with experiential, networking and career building opportunities.

PR involves communicating with the media, interacting with local communities and civic leaders, and keeping stakeholders informed through traditional and emerging forms of communication. Exciting and diverse skill areas include Internet strategy, speech writing, media training, investor relations, public affairs, social media, and much more. Students interested in public relations must develop solid written communication skills, project management expertise and a persuasive public speaking ability, as well as gain experience in message creation and distribution in multiple forms of digital media. PR practitioners with a Christian worldview wield great influence as they strive to build mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their key publics. They play a key role in guiding business executives, politicians and organizations to consider moral values and the public interest along with their objectives when making decisions – ultimately communicating their messages in a way that is winsome and has integrity.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

Public Relations Courses

Leadership Emphasis

Leadership is an emerging communication field of study that has broad applications in both profit and nonprofit organizations. This emphasis area helps you realize your own leadership gifts and styles and allows you to better understand the current leadership environment. You could select this emphasis area to better understand yourself and our society or to prepare for leadership as part of your vocation. Careers that especially benefit from this emphasis area include politics, nonprofit or religious leadership in church or para-church organizations, military or any number of business applications that involve collaboration and systemic communication organization.

Leadership Courses

International Emphasis

As the world rapidly adopts communication technology, there will be an increasing need for people who understand other cultures and can fluently communicate across all borders and boundaries. This emphasis area prepares you to understand the difficulties inherent in intercultural communication and to overcome those difficulties through wise communication practices. You could select this emphasis area if you want to do international business, work in government or politics or wish to do ministry abroad, such as being a missionary, serving with disaster relief organizations, or working in translation/linguistic career fields.

International Communication Courses

Social Media Emphasis

A major in social media allows you to intelligently connect with others through social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. The goal is to establish and maintain relationships while creating a clean image and compelling brand – whether it’s for you or the organization that you’re working with.

Learn how to communicate ethically where everything is seen and said online – and lasts forever. How do you strategize campaigns, engineer viral marketing, and create lasting, positive relationships? Come explore how in Asbury’s Social Media Concentration.

Social Media Courses

Sport Communication Emphasis

Are you interested in a career in the exciting world of sports? Customize your Sport Communication journey in fan engagements, sport public relations, endorsements for teams, and production and media! By getting a Sport Communication concentration at Asbury, you could get hands-on experience in the field, interning and working at places like NASCAR, the PGA Tour, the Cincinnati Reds, NFL Films, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tennessee Titans and more.

Prepare for your dream job with courses in Sport Communication, Public Relations, Intercultural Communication, Sport Marketing, Broadcast News, and Media Performance.

Sport Communication Courses