Asbury Alumna’s Films Honored by Movieguide

Asbury graduate Andrea Gyertson ‘95 Nasfell wrote two movies that were represented at the Movieguide Awards on Feb. 18, 2011.

“Christmas with a Capital C” won the Faith & Freedom Award for promoting positive American values. It was also nominated for the Epiphany Prize (TV) and two Grace Awards for acting. “What If…,” also written by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, was named one of 2010’s “10 Best Films for Family Audiences” and was nominated for the Epiphany Prize (film) and three Grace Awards for acting.

Andrea Gyertson '95 Nasfell and director Helmut Schleppi receive an award.“Both of these films were small movies, so any recognition from an organization like Movieguide, which rates everything out there, is an honor, as it truly promotes the films as having a good message for the audience they serve,” Nasfell says. “The climate of Hollywood is so difficult right now, it’s a miracle just to get a movie made. So to have one that is recognized for quality of production and message is both exciting and humbling.”

“Christmas with a Capital C” features a small town’s struggle with the role of faith and Christianity in civic life. Nasfell wrote the film to take on the challenge of refocusing the debate away from political or religious freedoms and toward the love of God as exemplified by Emmanuel (“God with us”) at Christmas, she says.

“One of the things I’m most proud of -- which was in the script but also brought out by the director and the actors -- is the fact that the characters are real people,” Nasfell says. “The Christians aren’t perfect, the bad guys aren’t always evil, but the love of God compels them all to put aside differences do what is right in the end.”

“Christmas with a Capital C” will be released on DVD in November 2011, and “What If…” will be released on DVD March 1.

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