Art Professor Receives Interdisciplinary Award

WILMORE, Ky. — Dr. Linda Stratford, a professor of art well known at Asbury University for her passion for art history, has recently been recognized by the Western Society for French History for her scholarship with the Millstone Prize.

The Millstone Prize is awarded annually to an interdisciplinary paper demonstrating research, methods or insights drawn from a field other than History to increase understanding of the French past. Stratford’s paper, titled “Cadillacs, jet planes and H-bombs: American Art in France following the Liberation,” explores connections between artistic and national identify in post-World War II France.

Asbury University Art Department
Dr. Linda Stratford will teach in France during the Fall 2014 semester.

The award comes on the eve of Asbury’s first Paris Semester, a study abroad program beginning in Fall 2014 in which Stratford will teach a semester-long French history course in Paris. The interdisciplinary creativity recognized with the Millstone Prize will be a defining characteristic of the study abroad experience.

“As a member of the Liberal Arts Council at Asbury, I am encouraged by the work we have accomplished and will continue at Asbury to allow students to see the interconnected nature of the various academic disciplines,” Stratford said. “This approach, like cross-training in athletics, makes for intellectual strength!”

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