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Passport & Visa Photos

Are you preparing to travel abroad and need passport or visa photos? We can take your photo and print them in house; it costs just $5 for 2 photos. You are welcome to return and pick up your photos or we can CPO them to your mailbox. Please email to make an appointment.

Are you applying for your very first passport?  We would be happy to sit down with you to go over the application and walk you through process.  Drop by our offices or make an appointment by contacting us at 

Student, Teacher & Youth International Identification and Travel Insurance Cards (ISIC or ITIC cards)

The Office of Intercultural Affairs is a local issuer of this official student identification card. The ISIC Card proves your student status wherever in the world you go. It allows you access to over 150,000 student discounts and offers in 130 countries. It not only will help you save money both here in the US or abroad but it is also your travel insurance. ISIC offers three travel insurance plans – basic ($25),premium ($100), and explorer ($200), all of which are good for one entire year and for multiple trips abroad. Please see the attached document below for more information and details about the coverage. Please visit the official website for more details.

There is also the ITIC card for full-time teachers, university staff, and faculty members. It offers the same benefits and at the same costs. If you are a faculty/staff member leading an Asbury group abroad, for every 10 students, you receive one card for free.

For non-students and non-educators, there is also the IYTC card for anyone 30 years old or younger. If you don’t fit in any of these categories, STA Travels is able to provide individual travel insurance that is based on a percentage of cost of your travels. Non AU-members (or family members) that travels with Asbury staff or faculty members may fall into this category.

To apply for your card, please see the attached document below. Fill out the form and submit it to the Office of Intercultural Affairs. You can either send a photo or we can take your photo for you. Please email to make an appointment.

*Please note that if you are participating in an Asbury-led trip abroad, you have to be covered by some form of travel insurance. If you choose not to use ISIC, you must submit proof of another provider.


Travel Agency: STA Travel

Are you leading an Asbury group on a trip abroad or needing to fly across country? Asbury now has a working relationship with STA (Start the Adventure) Travel. They can help you book group flights or help with any and all logistical details of your trip (tours, accommodations, local travels, etc.). As the largest provider to student and university related travels, they’re able to leverage for better pricing. They can also accommodate for last minute changes, low deposit fees, and helpful balance due dates. Please connect with Sierra Bonham or Shannon Montgomery, to be directed to the proper travel expert. Let’s get some good quotes started for you!

STA Travel can also help individual travelers. So if you are a student preparing to study abroad or simply traveling for pleasure, they can help book your trip. They offer a “Book Now, Pay Later” plan. Airfare requires a valid ISIC at time of purchase, which you can obtain for $25 (or $100) from the Office of Intercultural Affairs. Booking with STA allows you to benefit from their travel insurance services. They can even price match if you find a better option elsewhere! Please go to or stop by the OIA office for their flyer.

*A certain percentage of the cost of every trip booked through STA Travel will go towards a scholarship fund for future Asbury trips.