CCE 150 Requirements – Students enrolling Fall 2020 & beyond – Asbury University
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Asbury University believes our students should be enriched by their encounters with other cultures through instruction and full immersion experiences. It is our hope to equip our students to engage other cultures and communities and advance the cause of Christ around the world. We desire to train our students to embrace global responsibility since we are not isolated people but part of a global community that is ever-changing and ever-growing.

The Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCE) course and experience strengthen students’ abilities to interact with the world community, to expand their worldview, and to increase their cultural sensitivity with the ultimate goals of a broadened awareness as to how they might fit into God’s plan of redemption in other cultures and develop competency to effectively serve Christ in a global society.

Frequently Asked Questions

▾ Who is required to complete the Cross-Cultural Engagement requirement?

Beginning in Fall 2020, all entering traditional undergraduate students seeking an Asbury University Bachelor’s degree will be required to satisfy the Cross-Cultural Engagement CCE150 course (1.0 credits) and the Cultural Immersion Experience CCE150EX (0.5 credits). (Students enrolled prior to Fall 2020 will complete the CCE requirements under the previous Academic Catalog.) These requirements must be completed before a student will be approved for graduation.

▾ Are transfer students required to complete the CCE requirement?

Students with more than 60 transferred credits at the time of matriculation (not counting AP and college credits earned prior to high school graduation) may be considered to waive CCE150EX, the Cultural Immersion Experience, but are still required to take CCE150, Cross-Cultural Engagement & Responsibility.

▾ I am an international student. Am I required to complete the Cross-Cultural Engagement requirement?

International students or those who have lived extensively outside of the U.S. and Canada may be eligible for a waiver of the Cultural Immersion Experience (CCE150EX). However, they are still required to complete the CCE150 course and are encouraged to enroll within their first year at AU.

▾ What is a Cultural Immersion Experience?

Asbury’s Cultural Immersion Experience is an immersion into another culture, engaging the student in a variety of life-spheres (family, education, religion, art, media, economics, and government). Most experiences will expose the student to cultural dynamics outside of the United States. The experience must be pre-approved by the CCE department and must be of sufficient length and intensity to have an adequate impact upon the worldview of the participant.

▾ Must I travel internationally to fulfill my Cultural Immersion Experience?

Most experiences will expose the student to cultural dynamics outside of the United States. This experience may be fulfilled through semester/summer-long study abroad programs, travel courses, mission or volunteer trips, athletic-sponsored service trips, or personal international explorations. Stateside experiences may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

▾ I have already traveled abroad prior to enrolling at Asbury. Can that satisfy my Cross-Cultural Engagement requirement?

To ensure a student has reached the maturity level and received adequate preparation to experience a cultural immersion to the fullest extent, any travel experiences prior to Asbury enrollment will not be accepted.

▾ When should I enroll in the Cultural Engagement & Responsibility CCE150 course?

This course is intended to prepare students to understand their own ethnicity and cultural background, as well as equip students to engage diverse cultures through their Cultural Immersion Experience. Therefore, students must complete the CCE150 course BEFORE participating in their Cultural Immersion Experience.