Provost Office Staff – Asbury University
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Provost Office Staff

Sherry Powers, Ed.D.
Chief Academic Officer

Sheryl Voigts, M.A.
(859) 858-3511, x2325

Henry Zonio ’97, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Academic Excellence
(859) 858-3511, x2375

Chuck Gobin, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Associate Dean of Curriculum and Pedagogy
(859) 858-3511, x2191

Barb Boyle
Salvation Army Program Specialist
Manager of Windsor Manor
(859) 858-3511, x2435

Tricia Cairel
Executive Assistant to the Provost, CAO
(859) 858-3511, x2500

Johnie Dean, D.M.A.
Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
SACSCOC Institutional Liaison
Instructor of Composition
(859) 858-5771

Victoria Slocum, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Accessibility Resources
(859) 858-3511, x2283

Paul Stephens
AVP Institutional Research & Effectiveness
(859) 858-3511, x2117

Academic Deans

Sharon Bixler, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Education
Associate Professor
(859) 858-3511, x2208

Steve Clements ’83, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor of Political Science
Department Chair
(859) 858-3511, x2338

Alesha Graves, D.B.A.
Dean, Dayton School of Business
Associate Professor of Accounting

Jim Owens ’79, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Communication Arts
Department Chair of Media, Journalism, and Digital Storytelling
Professor of Media Communication
(859) 858-3511, x2387

Vins Sutlive, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Science & Health
Dean, Shaw School of Sciences
(859) 858-3511, x2172