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Asbury University is strongly committed to assuring academic excellence and spiritual vitality in all of its academic programs. Our desire is to model the ability to integrate these two main goals rather than to view them as separate aspects of our mission. Faculty members are expected to continually find ways to integrate the Christian faith with the academic disciplines being taught. This goal is not taken lightly nor is it viewed as something that can be accomplished without intentional effort. The Faith and Learning Paper is an opportunity for a faculty member to spend time giving intentional attention to the issue of integrating faith into one’s academic discipline.

The Faith & Learning Paper is required for the tenure decision. Three-year rolling appointments also must complete the requirement.


Most faculty members will be writing conventional academic papers. Format guidelines for a 3000 – 6000 words (10-20 pages) paper include using 12-point New Times Roman font and double-spacing the text. The style and formatting of the paper should be appropriate to your particular discipline and its conventions (i.e., History – Chicago; Education – APA; English – MLA).