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Creating your Faculty ePortfolio


This page will outline the three phases of the faculty ePortfolio process.

  1. The Request phase where you will receive the ePortfolio presentation template to be used for your portfolio.
  2. The Edit phase where you will complete each page in the template, and
  3. The Push phase where you will submit your portfolio to the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee.


  1. Request
    1. Send email to facultycoursesupport@asbury.edu requesting a copy of the ePortfolio template
    2. Wait for response from the ID Team stating that the ePortfolio template has been sent
  2. Edit
    1. Log into Discovery
    2. Click on the “My Discovery” menu in the Navigation Bar
    3. Select ePortfolio
    4. Find “Faculty ePortfolio Template”
    5. Click on the drop down and select “Edit”
    6. On the “Properties” tab, rename the presentation “Faculty ePortfolio [Your Last Name]
    7. Click on the “Content/Layout” tab
    8. Click on the page that you wish to edit in the left-hand navigation area
    9. Click on the drop down next to the content area that you wish to complete and select “Edit”
    10. Add the requested information and then click on “Save and Close”
    11. Repeat steps h – j for each of the pages in your ePortfolio
    12. When you are finished working, click on the “Close” button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Push
    1. Click on the drop down next to the name of your completed ePortfolio and select “Push”
    2. Ensure that the “Automatically include associated items” on the page that appears then click “Next”
    3. Click on the “Sharing Groups” tab
    4. In the “Search” box, type “Promotion”
    5. Click on the “Faculty Tenure and Promotion” sharing group
    6. Click on the “Push” button

For additional information and/or assistance please email facultycoursesupport@asbury.edu