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Department Chair Administration

The following is a select list of items with which department chairs will interact with central administration and specifically, Office of the Registrar (Ms. Sheryl Voigts, Registrar). 

Department chairs can follow these links for evaluation forms related to Tenure and Promotion and the SACSCOC Roster Form.

Schedules & Classes 

  • Setting the schedule of classes for each term by department 
  • Assigning instructors to classes; overall faculty load management for instructors in department 
  • Limits on class size/maximum students 
  • Cross listing classes across programs 
  • Adding additional classes to the schedule 
  • Cancelling classes (i.e., low enrolled classes) 
  • Approvals for all contracted courses 
  • Permission to add extra students into already full classes (some allow instructors to decide) 

Major/minor degree requirements 

  • Substitutions for major or minor requirements – approving completed courses as subs or suggesting alternative classes (preferred over contract courses) as subs. 
  • Questions about transfer course equivalencies for department courses 
  • Issues for seniors lacking graduation requirements 
  • Curriculum management to meet course plans of majors 
  • Advisor loads 
  • Appeals issues on department courses or major requirements 

Bulletin & Courses 

  • Bulletin department section review and update 
  • Course catalog review and update 
  • Review and prepare curriculum changes/course maintenance for submission to Dean and APCC 
  • Course fees – maintenance of changes/submission for approval from business office 

Students in department 

  • Counts of majors and minors served by department 
  • Student credit hours by department 
  • Welcome Week advising sessions 

Graduation & Commencement 

  • Determine honors recipients for graduation honors convocation 
  • Commencement honors – ordering cords