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Faculty Orientation

Welcome! We have collected some information that may be helpful as you settle into the AU and Wilmore communities. Please take a moment to review it and feel free to ask questions.


Tips for Your Transition

▾ Getting Started

  • Several weeks before your first day of work, agree on a date, time, and location for you and your direct supervisor to meet on your first day of work to discuss the list below.
  • If you are new to Kentucky, obtain your Kentucky driver’s license as soon as possible to avoid further paperwork hassles (Note: Nicholasville DMV is closed on Thursday afternoons).

▾ Human Resources

Located on the third floor of Hager Administration Building

  • On your first day of work, visit the H.R. department to sign on-boarding papers such as the W-2, parking information, etc. Come prepared with your driver’s license and social security card or passport.

▾ Your Department

  • Your supervisor is responsible for assigning an office for you through the Office of the Provost.
  • Your supervisor is responsible for arranging a campus tour for you, whether he or she gives it personally or locates another guide. Included in this tour will be introductions to as many co-workers across campus as possible on the given day.
  • Your supervisor and the department Staff Assistant are responsible for making sure your office has a desk, chair, filing cabinet, shelves, general desk supplies, phone instructions, a campus phone directory, etc.
  • The department Staff Assistant is responsible for giving you a tour of the department office, including the location of in-boxes and supplies and the codes and instructions/policies for using any technology, such as the copier, printer, phones, etc.

▾ Kinlaw Library

  • During your first week on campus, set up an appointment with the librarian in charge of Instructional Materials to talk about available resources for your courses and students.
  • Read more about the library services available to our faculty.

▾ I.T.S. (Information Technology Services)

Located in Kinlaw Library, lower level

  • You will be assigned a computer and a phone/phone extension as soon as your office has been assigned.
  • You should receive an email from I.T.S. with your e-mail address, user name, password information. Email I.T.S to set up an appointment to have an ID card made for you.
  • Visit this page for links to helpful information on the learning management system, Discovery, and other campus systems.
  • Ask to meet the I.T.S. Service Desk team.

▾ Physical Plant

Located on the far west end of West Linden Street

  • If you are renting faculty housing, you will submit your signed contract to Physical Plant and pick up your house keys.
  • Your supervisor is responsible for assigning keys for your office, your department’s office, your building, and any high-tech classes in which you will teach.
  • Once assigned, your work keys will be available for pick-up at Physical Plant.

▾ Registrar's Office

Located on the first floor of Hager Administration Building

  • Introduce yourself to the Registrar.
  • The academic catalog/Bulletin may be found here. This book contains essential academic information including the academic calendar, university profile and history, building and departmental information, campus services, degree requirements, academic program and course descriptions, etc.
  • Ask how to obtain rosters and statistical reports, and how to report absences and tardies in your courses.
  • Find out where your classes will be located and visit them. Obtain classroom keys through your supervisor.

▾ Calendar

  • Visit the AU Calendar (asbury.edu/calendar) for scheduled meetings for faculty. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:50 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. are reserved for faculty gatherings, such as Standing Committees, Assembly, Forum, and Faculty Brown Bag sessions.


  1. All Faculty Standing Committees will meet as noted except the Promotion/Tenure Committee and Faculty Interview Committee, which will be scheduled as needed.
  2. No other meetings are to be scheduled on Tuesdays from 10:50 – Noon.
  3. Special Purpose Committees and subcommittees of standing committees will establish their own meeting times.