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Initiation, signatures and review

Initiating Partnerships

Process for Capturing Information following a Presidential or Provost Meeting with a Potential Partner

Following a face to face of phone conversation with a potential academic partner, the President or Provost will send a voice memo or email to the Director of Academic Partnerships. 

Details to highlight include:

  • Name of school or organization
  • Name of primary contact (photo of their business card if possible)
  • What the school or organization is looking for
  • What was promised 
  • What are our next steps
  • Unique aspects of this relationship
  • Anticipated Start
Example Development of Christian School Partnership from Inception to Management
Initiated (President) Developed (Kristi Boss) Landed (Kristi Boss) Managed (Portfolio Assignment)
Voicemail download to Kristi Boss post-meeting Details of agreement reviewed with Registrar, Financial Aid, Business Affairs, else Official signing, news release After 1 year monitoring assign to Admissions officer
Items promised, to follow up on, main contact, timeline, other Follow up with school Notify affected offices Tracked on shared spreadsheet
    Input on spreadsheet  
    Monitor for 1 year  

Responsible Offices and Signature Authority

Signature authority is delegated to the following responsible offices for execution of appropriate agreements.

Type of agreement Delegation of signature authority
MOU/MOA President or Provost
Articulation Provost* if substantial
Affiliation Provost

*Not including agreements for Practicum students since the major issue with those agreements is risk rather than academic standards. “Academic activities” includes all other agreements related to credit-bearing courses and academic programs, as the Provost’s Office needs to make sure they meet accreditation standards and reports requirements.

Administrative Review

The following offices are designated and are responsible for review and/or approval of agreements in conjunction with the above-listed offices, as applicable. If you are unsure of the routing and review of your document, any responsible office can be contacted and will direct you to the appropriate office.

Administrative Review Responsible Office Contact
Study Abroad    
Transfer credits, admissions, degree awards Office of the Registrar
Tuition and fees Business Affairs
Faculty credentials Office of the Provost
Substantive review** SACSCOC Liaison

**Note: A signed agreement with appropriate notifications through SACSCOC Liaison is required prior to publication or advertisement.