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Printing Services on Campus

There are printers in every computer lab on campus. There are 4 computer labs in the Kinlaw Library, 2 in the Miller Center for Communication Arts, 1 in the McCreless Fine Arts Center,  and 1 in the Hamann-Ray Science Center. In addition, students have access to a printer in the Student Center. In total, there are 9 locations on campus with printers for student use. 

All Asbury students are provided with a $40 printing balance at the beginning of the semester. This balance refreshes back to $40 at the beginning of each new semester while the student is enrolled. The remaining print balance does not roll over to the next semester. Students can print past the $40 limit, and any charges they incur after the $40 is used will be charged to their student account and can be paid through the Cashier’s Office.

If your print balance has been charged incorrectly (ex. charged for color when the document is black and white or being charged for a document that did not print), please see this document on Print Balance Refunds to have the amount refunded to your balance. 

Asbury Faculty and Staff have printers located in their department and should print in those spaces. They are provided with a $5 “emergency” print balance if they need to print in the Kinlaw Library or one of the computer lab spaces rather than in their department. If a faculty or staff member needs to be mapped to a printer in their department, they should contact I.T. Services to set up an appointment.