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Networking and Data

Asbury University maintains a campus-wide wired data network connecting all classrooms, offices, and dorm rooms internally and to the world wide web (WWW).  Additionally, we provide wireless internet access in all dorm rooms, and in most academic and community spaces, including the Kinlaw Library, Student Center, Cafeteria, and Bistro. 

All members of the Asbury Community and all guests are required to log into the Network through an Access Control Page. All on-campus connections are also monitored and filtered for inappropriate or malicious content. 

Students, Faculty, and Staff are each granted individual network server space shares of at least 200 MB (Faculty & Staff shares may be larger).  Additionally, I.T. Services provides up to 1 Terabyte (TB) of online digital storage through Microsoft OneDrive.  Both the network server space share and OneDrive can be accessed on-campus on computer lab computers or personal computers. OneDrive can also be accessed off campus anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Instructions on how to access both resources are available by contacting I.T Services through our support request form.

The use of these network resources is subject to our campus-wide Memorandum of Understanding.