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Digital Signage

Asbury University manages a network of fifteen digital signage displays across campus designed with the purpose of informing students, faculty, staff, and visitors of University announcements, student events, I.T. Services announcements, holiday information, and other relevant campus-related information. This network of digital signage provides an intuitive and unobtrusive way to inform students of new opportunities and events in a graphical way.

Student Organizations, as well as faculty and staff, may submit slides for display across campus to the IT Services department, where they will be considered for approval based on I.T. Services’ digital signage policies and guidelines before being published to the digital signage system. Our graphic design team can also help create a slide for you. Submit your information and we will work with you to create signage for your event that meets the Asbury standards.


To upload a slide for approval, submit that here:

Digital Signage Upload Form

To request the creation of a slide, enter your information here:

Digital Signage Creation Form