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Computer Labs and Software

Asbury University provides eight computer labs for students, faculty, and staff containing over 200 Apple and Dell computers across 4 different buildings.

Access to and reservations for these labs is available by request to the area coordinator for each building.

Students may use any campus computer lab during normal building hours unless the room has been reserved for either a class or special event.

Each academic lab is updated annually with a current software image to enhance learning and support program objectives. Minor updates (mostly involving minor fixes in software and operating system) are performed throughout the year as time allows. 

The largest influence that the faculty have on this annual software cycle is the input they provide in the creation of the software list for the next year.  This happens each year through regular communication from I.T. Services.

Each academic lab is on a four year rotation of technology.  During this process, the lab is evaluated for improvements in hardware that will be necessary for future use.

Any questions regarding this process should be submitted to I.T. Services by creating a support ticket.