Campus AV Event Support Policies – Asbury University
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Campus AV Event Support Policies

I.T. Services places a high value on the production of each and every event which we support on campus. To that end, we require a specific timeline, certain information, and the adherence to certain policies/procedures as detailed below:

  • For events involving cabinet officers, events with estimated attendance over 50 people, and for all events requiring significant stage management, we require a meeting between the primary contact, and a representative from our staff.
  • Two weeks advanced notice is required for all events.  Events which are late (within two weeks) are subject to staff and equipment availability.  Due to staffing and equipment logistics, events with less than 48 hours’ notice will be refused. Accepted (staffed) late events are subject to a $25 fee.
  • Requests made for support are not guaranteed to be filled, and are subject to availability of staff and equipment.  In cases where we are unable to support the event, we will pass contact information for local vendor partners so that you can arrange support independently.
  • If your event requires equipment that we do not offer, we will obtain a quote on your behalf from local vendor partners and give you the option of renting additional equipment.
  • Event Support Requests can only be made by members of the Asbury University Community.  Guests and Conference Attendees must go through the sponsoring office, or the Office of Conference Services.
  • I.T. Services provides very limited services off-campus in support of select groups.  If your event isn’t on Asbury University’s Campus, you may be responsible for the rental/use of vehicles by I.T. Services for travel to/from the event.  This will be included in your final bill. If your event isn’t on campus, you will need to meet with a representative of our office for approval.
  • Services are extremely limited to buildings and property beyond the boundaries of the contiguous main campus.  Buildings & properties not typically serviced by I.T. ServicesS for events include the Equine Center, Wesley Building, Spanish & Kenyon Houses, & Windsor Manor
  • All changes to events must be submitted to I.T. Services 2 business days in advance. Violations of this will result in a $25 fee on your final bill.
  • All media for your event is due 2 business days before your scheduled event.  Media submitted after this deadline will result in a $25 fee.
  • Estimates are available on request, but will not be furnished automatically.
  • Account Number must be provided at initial request.  Requests without account numbers will be treated as incomplete. Incomplete requests must be completed with an account number at least 2 weeks out, or the event will be considered late, and will not be guaranteed ($25 fee applies to any late event).
  • Event sponsor assumes responsibility for stolen, missing or damaged equipment during their event and is liable for misuse by event participants, including mic drops.  Any equipment stolen, missing or damaged during the event will be charged back to the provided account number. 
  • If your event requires a special layout, or setup done by Physical Plant, or another group, this request must be made independently to that office, and confirmed with us.  For events within the campus cafeteria, all walls and tables should be moved the night before (by 8 p.m.).  If this cannot happen, we must be notified in advance.  For most events we prepare the night before. 
  • For most events, we require a two-person minimum for staff. Larger events are staffed based on requests.
  • Please reserve the space at least 1 hour before and 1 hour after your event to provide us with sufficient time for setup and tear down.
  • Information Technology Services does not reserve spaces.  Reservations for campus spaces/locations should go through the Registrar’s Office.