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Cup for Dr. Gray Challenge

A Challenge for the Classes of 2008 to 2018

Current Alumni Giving Percentage: 12.5%
Fundraiser Goal: 15% of Asbury alumni from the Classes of 2008 to 2018

Class percentages by year

Participate in the Cup for Dr. Gray Challenge

How many times do we say to someone, “Let’s have a cup of coffee.” The reason may be social. Happy. Serious. Prayerful. Friendly. Mentoring. Meeting someone new. Old friend catching up. Quiet time alone. Work appointment. Retreat.

Cup for Dr. Gray Challenge

As you likely know, Dr. Gray has announced her retirement effective June 30, 2019. That means today, those of us who graduated during Dr. Gray’s presidency (classes of 2008-18) have a unique opportunity to have a cup for Dr. Gray.

Therein lies the origin of the Cup for Dr. Gray Challenge.

Just like our time at Asbury, we have unique tastes in beverages but the same setting. Maybe your favorite cup is a black coffee. Or perhaps it’s specialized with soy or coconut milk. Sugar. Sweetener. Syrup. None. Whole. Nonfat. Large. Small. Maybe you prefer tea. Maybe you even grab a soft drink or bottled water and enjoy the company.

Dr. Sandra C. Gray

How does this relate to the Cup for Dr. Gray Challenge? Make a gift to Asbury in the amount of your favorite beverage. When 15% of us give back – no matter the amount – AU will receive a $15,000 match from an anonymous donor!

Time does not allow for us each to have a cup with Dr. Gray before her retirement, although we all know she certainly would try. When you make your gift in the amount of a cup of your favorite beverage, you have an opportunity to leave Dr. Gray a note, memory, or kind – you know, something you might share over coffee. We will present these notes to her once we announce that we met the challenge.

Under the guidance of the Lord, Dr. Gray transformed the life of the University. Please consider participating in this challenge to honor her legacy.

Participate in the Cup for Dr. Gray Challenge

Class Percentages by Year

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